Halloween track challenge 🎃


I’m also trying to put something together, using DT only. Deadline is fast approaching though…


Agreed! The movie is pretty dumb, but that’s part of the fun. In one jam, I used a fair amount of dialog because I couldn’t resist the cheesiness of it. The second thing I’m working on, I tried to be a bit more ‘serious’ and avoided dialog samples. I’m a huge fan of forced limitations, which is why I’m only using sounds from the movie itself. The toughest part of that was fashioning a decent kick and bass sounds from clips that were already shrunken by youtube. Still working on that :slight_smile:


Yeah the movie is not very halloweenie and the soundtrack doesnt feed the mood either but its cool, I never dress up for Halloween anyways.


So many of the classics in the horror genre have already been sampled to death.

I thought others here might appreciate the synth heavy musical themes in this movie. :wink:


I’m def submitting a beat for this.
I like to say the above statement in battle threads to make myself finish even when it gets tuff (trying to get my brother to get in on this battle too).
I just finished an Op-1 battle, that I would’ve never finished if I didn’t say “I’m doing it no matter what!!!” It’s a nice little tactic of mine & has worked so far. It gets me to push thru instead of giving up.


I THINK I scrolled past your thread without opening it…due to the title. If I knew it was a challenge/battle I would’ve probably joined.

If you put 1 on again, maybe put the word challenge or battle in the title for more interest?


I really enjoyed the film and the soundtrack! Little B-movie gem!


Fair enough.
Although I had assumed that all the threads in this section/ board were challenges given the General Rules.

If I win this one, I’ll post the next (as it should be according to the rules - which I now accept I neglected to follow).


That makes sense…to be honest I didn’t know that mission brief is the challenge section all tho the name says it all…

It was the only thing I could think of as to why there wasn’t any action; your challenge was a nice idea :grinning:


I couldn’t agree more Sharris. Make the commitment to yourself and you’re more likely to get it done.


I bent the rules a bit myself but I don’t see the mods shutting us down for having fun with our machines and making the output public.

I didn’t see your thread or I would have contributed to it.


only one question left:


Doctor Konputa, is this experiment being done by the Shop? :laughing:


Sure, I’m in. Thank’s @konputa for preparing the brief. :ok_hand:


Are we allowed to use the soundtrack or does audio have to be sampled from the actual movie?

I def want to get sounds & vocals from the movie…but I found the soundtrack on youtube (below), which of course would be ideal to use since it has all the music without talking & “movie” noises all over the music.

I already sampled the entire soundtrack & was going for it, then I realized it might not be ok…don’t want to cheat if we’re supposed to sample from the actual movie.


Deadline is tonight right? Just samples from the film into the DT… This is actually the first full track I’ve made since getting the DT a few months ago. Very fun, more movie-digging challenges please!


Deadline is 10/30, so we have 20 more days


Ooh, I thought in the first couple posts people decided to move it to the 10th? Anyway, all good, more time to work on it then. BTW the soundtrack is probably fair game as the OP doesn’t say it’s restricted to samples from the movie in any way. So dig in.


I THINK the deadline WAS earlier, but we’re getting more time :grinning:

Listened to your track now, I really like it…great job man!


Crap!!! I wish I’d have sampled the soundtrack. I got all my sounds from the movie itself :confused:


Love it!!!