Missions : General Rules

First thing first : this part of the forum is not supported by Elektron, and the missions here are not official Elektron competitions in any way.
It’s driven by the community for the Elektronauts.

Here are the set of Rules any Mission should respect:

#1. The Spirit
Gentleman behavior mandatory. No trolling no cheating no whining.

#2. The Base
The Base sets the Constraints and the Theme for the Mission, as well as the Deadline for submission.
These elements must be set as precisely as possible. The Base can also set some voting indications.
The Base is also the arbitrator, should any pb occur.

#3. The Deadline
Any submission should respect the deadline. At least “enough” to be admitted by the Base.

#4. The Vote
The winner of a Mission is decided through a vote among the submissions.
(S)he becomes the Base for next Mission.
For now, we’ll PM our votes to whoever is hosting the competition.

#5. The Gear
In the Constraints, the Base will establish precisely which machines should be used.
Other gear + software could be OK it the constraint says so, as long as an Elektron machine is the center of the piece, of course.

#6. The Constraints
Constraints should be objective, precise, maybe a little bit different for each piece of gear selected (e.g. an specific effect may have different name from an Elektron machine to another).
A preparation time can be used to discuss about the constraints with the other Nauts

#7. The Theme
Constraints should be as precise as possible : this is creative limitation.
Now a Theme is also a source of inspiration, something totally complementary.
Some are more attracted by the technical aspects while other are dreamers.
The Base must set a Theme, as vague as needed.

#8. The Track
Any submission should of course respect the present Rules plus the Constraints and the Theme set by the Base.
Submitted material should be brand new.

Now about the shape of the submission:

  • downloadable mp3 @ soundcloud
  • sysex (optional)
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