Halloween track challenge 🎃


@CMOS , you got it. Follow the tempo and style guidelines in a way that suites you. The vapo(u)r idea suggests a retro future vibe that should play well with the dystopian horror element.


I known the style should be interesting
It’s a hard song I usually just do easy listening but I like a challenge kudos :joy:


DN is perfect for this, ill try to put something together with a DT, DN, SP404 setup.


btw i like how 80s movies werent afraid to go hard with the strobe fx


You do realise that somewhere out there someone who inadvertently clicked on that is now having a seizure :smile:


Got about a minute and a half’s worth of…something so far. Think I’m gonna be able to stick to the plan of using nothing but sounds from the movie.
This is a fun challenge, but what a time suck!


Got one version chopped up and arranged. May do one or two other takes on it as I still have a lot of samples left over :slight_smile:


err. okay

doesn’t matter, there wasn’t enough interest in it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


and what’s this with the picture of the Child? i don’t get it^^


Drew Barrymore - the star of the film.


Hope a few folks contribute to this challenge…I have one bit arranged and am hoping to do a second one :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what to tell you @mightlife. That’s how this goes sometimes. Not unlike the Our Music section, there are many threads that have little or even zero response. I never even saw your thread for some reason???

Regardless, I look forward to hearing your output if you choose to participate.


Wondering if anyone is planning on dropping some songs in this challenge…? I’m working on two different things since I got so many samples from the movie. Not using any sound I didn’t find in the movie. The first one, I just cut up samples in Logic and pieced it together there. The second one, I prepped all the samples in Logic, then loaded them into my OT for sequencing/mangling. I’m in month two with the OT, so I need all the excuses to practice I can get! Also, never tried vaporwave before, which will probably be obvious :slight_smile:

Hope we get a few submissions here as I’d love to learn from you folks!


I will be soon, lots of good sounds for synthwave.


I’ll definitely do a track, yeah.


Im working on an OT only track. Not even prepping the samples in a DAW - straight into the OT they go.

So this will probably mean it will end up being a muddy mess as I am useless/careless when it comes to mixing in the OT but it will at the very least sound less muddy/messy than my last OT effort (learning every time).

PS - I doubt you’ll be learning much from my effort though…!


I would love to see more traditional type Halloween tracks. Not digging the movie selection for the mood :frowning:


The fact it is a total crap movie is where the fun is!


I also take part. So far I have:
watched the movie on youtube (never seen it before, lots of cool sounds in it)
sampled from youtube into ableton and roughly cutted the samples
transfered samples to RYTM from ableton folder via elektron transfer (way faster than c6 :grinning:)
made some sounds and kits on RYTM, also the first patterns…
had some fun while doing it - some really crazy sounds and speech snippets in there…


I’m trying to put something of a track together ATM, but with work and kids it’s difficult. Regardless of that, I’ll still post whatever I come up with by the deadline. I’ll be using Machinedrum, Digitone, and Yamaha Reface CS for the sounds.