Halloween track challenge 🎃


Thanks! Sampling from the film is more fun anyway. There’s something exciting about watching with your ears, field recorder armed…


Most of my music leans toward glitchy/experiment type stuff, so I wanted the challenge of staying in a poppy, 80’s vein…
Hoping to have time to revisit the mix at some point, but this is one of the things I came up with. Every sound is from the movie


Yess this slaps :fire::fire:Evil disco.

Love the bit at 1:20 where the main sample cuts out for a bar.

Real nice work!


Thanks! It was fun to step out of my comfort zone. Any excuse to practice on the OT is fine by me :slight_smile:


@Sharris, yeah that is a great idea. I didn’t assume a dialog free soundtrack even existed. Thanks for sharing!


Gonna try to do better mixes before the deadline, but not sure I’ll have time. This was my first attempt with the samples. Was going for a “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” feel. Used a lot of dialog samples in this one as well. Once again, I couldn’t resist the dopey gated reverb toms :slight_smile:


Always nice to get in early, good job on the track. This was a good idea to get people completing songs, I enjoyed yours and look forward to listening to the other entries. Perhaps you could use the additional time to make a cool video?


I think the vibe/theme comes across well in your entry, fired you a youtube thumbs up :+1:


Thanks so much!


I am also sampling from the soundtrack rather than the film.

At the moment it looks like I might end up with two separate tracks, one synthwave-y and one more vapor-y. Doubt I’ll manage to finish both though.


I totally got that from your track!

The drum patterns I built are randomly inspired by Guile’s Theme from Street Fighter 2 haha


Cheers, not a bad idea, been meaning to get into video editing…


Hope to get started on this on my time off from work duties. Thanks konputa!


Cheers to @Anfim and @Snipecatcher for getting tracks completed so early! Overachievers, I’d say. :wink:

The film’s vibe really came through in your output. Excellent job!


enjoyed both tracks from @Anfim and @Snipecatcher …i still haven’t had enough time to start… :expressionless: there’s still some time though :slight_smile:


Yea I agree… I’m def going to watch the movie & sample from it, just haven’t gotten that far yet :slight_smile:
I was mainly thinking audio quality & having full tracks to work with. In the actual movie the full song isn’t always played or people talk over the entire track, things of that nature. Thinking if I find something I love while watching the movie but it’s destroyed by other sounds, having the soundtrack could come in handy (& figured I’d throw it out there for anyone else). I’d like to try to make the song without using outside sounds as well, but we will see… I’ll follow the sound :ear:

Above is supposed to be an ear… looks like a deformed peanut to me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


MD manual:

AR manual:


OT manual:



hehehe that’s awesome!
it also looks like a weird snail…
or a weird wiener…


I’m going to let someone else curate the snail wiener peanut ear challenge!