Goodbye Elektron & A New Chapter

Every journey has to end, sometimes abrupt. With a heavy heart, I announce that I will be parting ways with Elektron after a very intense decade!

My journey with Elektron, as many of you will know, started with the Octatrack release and ended with the 10th year anniversary of it. I feel proud to be part of the Elektron team and being part of Octatrack, Analog Four, Rytm, Heat, Digitakt & Digitone, and of course, the Elektron Studios Berlin. During these years, I met many of you users & followers which gave me so much inspiration & energy to continue. All of this makes me extremely proud when looking back. I would like to take this opportunity to share some memories while closing this chapter.

It all started during 2001 in Istanbul for me, when I first saw the Machinedrum while ‘surfing’ on a dialup internet. I became hooked on what I saw and managed to get one around 2004 after relocating to UK. It was those years when I first started talking to Daniel Troberg over email. When Octatrack was released, I was invited to Musikmesse to handle the demos & public interaction. This was the first time I met the core Elektron crew, which has changed since… This was a very special moment and marked the start. Shortly after that, I moved to Goteborg to continue this journey.

Elektron was fairly small back then, with this magical family feeling, innovating and pushing boundaries in this small, niche but extremely competent synth-market. I knew right there and then, this is where I belong… When I look back, oh boy, it really was a very different time and feeling… Many memories follow these feelings; going to Sonic State the first time for Analog Four demo, getting a ‘Sound Level Warning’ ticket at Rytm launch, announcing Digitakt at NAMM to see it become such a success without the unit making any sound, the catastrophic Digitone livestream launch and ultimately - moving to Berlin & turning the company’s longtime wish of Elektron Studios Berlin into a reality.

There are of course lot more to tell but long story short, things took a recent sharp turn and I decided to part ways. In the end, I am very happy to be able to make life-long friends through my colleagues and many of you, which I will treasure for life. And the best part of it all, most of my Elektron colleagues whom I started with and looked up to have already left Elektron, which makes me incredibly happy to be joining the ex-elektron crew of legends!

Now its time to take a break and start a new chapter, focusing on Dataline music & content for all of you out there! Any specific things you wish for, just let me know! And yes, I am open for work, collaborations, tutorials and many other things I couldn’t do before! You know where to find me :slight_smile:


Whoa. Best of luck Mr D! My bank account is empty because of you :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the good times! This place won t be the same without you…


Thanks for the inspiration and all the best for the things to come!


You’ve been an amazing ambassador for the brand, wish you well on your next endeavours!

With Ess gone and now you it really feels things have changed at Elektron.
I wonder what that spells for us in the future…


I’ll miss seeing you in those Elektron videos, and hope to hear about your next chapter soon!


I’m sure like many others here, you sold me my first Elektron with your Digitakt demos.
I’m pretty sure there will always now be some sort of Elektron machine involved in my music. Thanks!
Best of luck with your new ventures. We will be listening!


best wishes on your next venture

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Thanks for all the inspiration and good luck on your journey!


God bless, Mr Dataline



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My first modern box was the Rytm. I watched your namm videos obsessively as I waited for it. You’ve shown me a lot of tricks over the years. Elektron has a lot to thank you for. We have a lot to thank you for. Best of luck!




Cenk, thanks and good luck. You will be missed. It seems Elektron is changing. Hopefully in a good way.

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Olle too.

I think with this it’s safe to assume now things have changed at Elektron HQ.


Whoa! This is heavy. I’m sure it was a tough decision, but I’m excited for you. I’m also excited for more Dataline music and tutorials. You’ve been a big inspiration to me and probably helped me buy a few elektron machines along the way. “I can’t live without it”

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Elektron just lost 50% market value. At least.


Just repeating what I said on your IG:
You were “instrumental” (ahem) in contributing to Elektron’s style and success.
Iconic, really.

Those early days on elektron-users, all the tutorials, interviews, and fun video clips.
We Elektronauts will miss you, but I know you, like Ess, will continue doing your thing.

Thanks again, personally, for helping me get started in designing patches for Elektron!

Keep in touch,

-d / glitched


Good luck with the new adventures. Elektron have lost a legend


Best of luck. I bought the trinity because of you