Gear that is art

Certain pieces of gear feel more like artistic creations than others. I find it interesting that as a synth/sampler/drum machine designer, the balance of features, hardware (knobs, buttons, screen, etc), and ergonomic/UI end up being the medium for the creation. There’s no right answer, and many different formulas to achieve all types of artful creations.

The Teenage Engineering OP-1 is obviously a good example of a piece of gear that is also an unmistakable work of art, and since this is all art, its value is as subjectively dependent on the person as what that person might think of the Mona Lisa.

I find Gotharman gear to be incredible works of art, and my relationship to this art inspires me. What I like so much about this is that I don’t feel that usual sense of unfulfillment with gear I feel isn’t complete. It’s strange and certainly psychological, but fascinating to me nonetheless.

I love gotharman stuff but I really think he just totally misses the mark with the physical design. they’re just UGLY. wish he’d upped his game with the boxes. if i ever get one again id immediately be rehousing it in a custom acid etched enclosure (like in my profile pic). it’s a real pity cause he’s got some brilliant ideas.

I think the MD is a bit of a work of art. looks and feels like a relic. so industrial I love it.

Chase bliss & death by audio pedals (amongst a few other pedal manufacturers) too. I love indie pedals, total art vibes all over the shop :slight_smile:


do mobile apps count?
Because Patterning on iPad makes me feel like I am working on music in the future, each time I use it.



Buchla Easel is pretty great looking… Sadly never seen one first hand tho.


yea circuit boards are amazin. diy ones can look class :slight_smile:
I make pedals, been researching diy boards but haven’t dipped my toe yet.

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PO-32 is certainly a form of art as well, in every detail!

Talking about softs, Synplant is really beautiful, not only by its look but also by its interaction.

The first thing that came to my mind reading the thread title is the Make Noise Shared System.


Something designed to be tactile, to be touched has a certain utilitarian beauty to it.
Most of the iconic instruments that can be described as art are in my opinion born of a need for simplicity amd use.
Minimoog. Strat. Piano. A simple device can be art to me simply because it just begs and encourages me to touch it. Pick it up. Play it. Twiddle knobs. Press buttons.


+1 for the shared system. A work of art in all sorts of ways.

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Maybe not “gear” as OP intended but these are electronic instruments and I find them very beautiful…


Well that new modular, mescaline, certainly looks like art to me

That bass is gorgeous. I’d love to have a fretless version of that.


I can’t really separate pleasing visual design from ‘art’ because i feel that is how design becomes art… some people take it to mean that the instrument looks like other kinds of artwork, which i don’t really understand.

Anyway in recent years the Moog Sub 37 certainly makes me ooh and aah.

The aesthetic of the 808/JP8/VP330 mk 2 sit well with me.

For something more ‘out there’, the OP-1 and 0-coast certainly fit the bill.

I find the Elektrons to be ok but a bit pedestrian really… the heat and DT pique my interest more than the older boxes visually.

What is that guitar? It looks incredible!

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Obvious answer: teenage engineering


Maybe not Art - but pretty nice. I like the 60s vibe happening


Nice guitar and bass, Open Mike.

Pete Malinoski makes art guitars:

Back in synth-land, Ciat Lonbarde is an established maker of synth art:


I always thought the Tempest was incredible in the way that to get the most out of it, you have to be 100% hands on, no other toys really.
I’m really liking the Dreadbox designs though.
After going over the “semi modular” thread, I’m crushing hard on the 0-coast

all things folktek…