What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw] (Part 1)

they just released an update for the software today. saw it somewhere… looks like they added bunch of new stuff



Let me know how it compares to the iLoud

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Become realistic about the fact that software is meant to be controlled by a mouse and keyboard.
Work smarter instead of harder.


I held onto my Griffin PowerMate because it looks so nice, even though I never use it. But this looks even nicer!


Pretty nice so far but I’ve only had it about an hour. Still haven’t installed the software.

The switch on the left flips between fader and knob modes. In knob mode the cursor returns where you started when you let go of the knob, for one example. It’s also very precise so that you can make the smallest adjustments on a control.

The hardware is very nice feeling but it’s the software behind it that makes this thing awesome.



That looks lovely - belongs here too!


Was this ever updated? I love the buttons but wish to use it with hardware devices.

Now I want one! But it’s sold out. Signing up to be notified for the next batch

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I ordered mine in the last batch after waiting a while and it just arrived today.

Just make sure to order as soon as you get the email. They seem to sell out very quickly.

It’s worth the wait from what I can tell so far :wink:

Recently got the Stargazer and the NF-1m. Digital drone malarkey involving my Shard has already ensued.


Just picked these up today: Korg Volca Nubass and Volca Mix. Gonna link up with my other Volcas, and see what I can create.


I think the nubass goes a little ignored as a fun and immediate wee acid machine. Love the pattern randomisation options.


Yeh after owning one for a little while i must say i think its because of the way it looks…most other volcas look the part, but the nu bass sort of looks like a 1980s ford falcon with two tone paint and jellybean mag wheels…like it needs fluffy dice hanging from the mirror…



I’m good with this imagery I must say! Feel like between that and the Volca Drum I have the two oddest-looking but very much into both :slight_smile:

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As the clouds gather on the current hot spell in the UK, the mistress of the night returns to the North…


A mint monster. It was expensive, but what other chance would I have?


Some vague form of organisation. Don’t like it. Hate seeing them all on the wall. But, I can actually find what I want now! Annoyingly there’s still a ton of cables in a box in a cupboard to go through and I’m sure they won’t all fit.

And then these two joined my Strega today :smiley:

And seeing as the Lyras back, and I’ve fixed it, I’m hoping it will play nice with them. The SubH is! (love the guts on these - work of art!


Such an awesome selection of insanity boxes. Absolutely superb. I’ve been trying to fend off my Lyra GAS with Mononoke on iOS and I do absolutely love it but I wish it had a physical form. Using the Roli Block to control it does help though.

I discovered today that Lyra kits exist for DIY versions…

[This absolutely isn’t mine BTW! It’s the work of Arseniy, head of ELTA]


To pass the time waiting for my previously posted synology to expand out its storage pool with additional drives.
(I really had no idea they were this slow. I should have just wiped it again and started with all the drives at once rather than expand it)


It says Lyra v2.5 on the board… and i wonder what was changed so far and which version are the latest Lyras!

Look beatiful inside too!