Gear that is art

Agreed. I’m a longtime fan of Folktek designs, but the prices have restricted me to admiration from afar… at least until Mescaline came along. I backed that project for a copper system.


The 0-Coast is definitely a work of art! Looks and sound…

I like this Folktek piece in particular


Momonachine SFX-6 (aka ‘the one with the keyboard’). That thing is so strange and unique and beautiful and if I see it in a “tour of xxx’s synths” video, it now makes my heart flutter even more than seeing an EMS Synthi.


i agree on so many of the previous posts. i don’t have the slightest use for a genoqs but i can just sit and smile at it. i love many of folktek’s designs even though it’s a rare demo outside their garden series that actually gets me in a purchasing mood. and i’m still not even remotely tempted by modular, but that shared system has me saying ‘if only’ far more vehemently than i usually do.

i wonder if i will ever respond to another electronic instrument the way i have with the machinedrum. when it arrived it created space. since then i measure every instrument against it, and i’m grateful that elektron’s subsequent creations owe their design fundamentals to ideas that began with it.

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Tube Synth :heart_eyes:


I just sold my Critter & Guitarri Pocket Piano MIDI.
A beauty !
And what a sound…

That was my very first synth…

Knif stuff is amazing! Also agree with the Ciat Lombard stuff. I still think the silver Elektron boxes are just sexy AF visually.



not sure if i´d call this art, but that therevox would certainly look very nice in my livingroom :wink:


Op Art


Friend, you’re such an artist. Love it !

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Thanks :blush:it’s just me and the Moog now, got no other gear, so I gotta make it count​:blush:

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Ditched the OT?

To fund the DigiTakt, yes. Until that arrives, it’s just me and the Moog.

Everything from Meng Qi


Whatever that is in the first picture looks really well done, really nice balance of functional design and ascetics…
Will check out Meng Qi…

Spaceman Effects. Aside from being really great sounding original circuits, they are works of art both inside and out.

Isn’t it strange how much it’s possible to disagree about aesthetics? I find these guitars truly hideous! Each to their own.