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Noticed @Ess had one on top of his screen in his insta video :slight_smile: made me wanna play power stone!


Oh, Shenmue. I still love you.


I’ve been playing phantasy star online lately! It would make for a great dreamcast song cover machine maybe along with my pro 2


Wish I still had my Dreamcast. Capcom’s Power Stone especially is sorely missed. Beautifully designed machine with the controller having a hole for the small screen in the ”memory card” etc.

Maybe 10 years ago I collected vintage games machines, but it got to be too popular (read expensive) hobby to continue to pursue. My main thing were all kinds of portable games machines. Nowadays I only collect cassettes and vinyl. Sold my whole collection of games maybe 4 years ago.


So cool! Would have loved to check that collection out


I still have a Dreamcast with like 50 games. Maybe Elektron should make some sort of VMU sequencer you can plug into various machines.


hope you didnt sell that vectrex! vector screens are too amazing.


yeah it was a dang good system… lots of awesome arcade ports and original games


Unfortunately I did. Hoping to find one for the 17 euros I paid for that one. It’s a design classic for sure and the games ain’t half bad either.


Mars Matrix, Powerstone, Shenmue, Tokyo Xtreme Racer, ahhh the memories. My good friend had boot disks and spindles of games for the DC.


Anyone play Return of the Obra Dinn? Best game of 2017 for me


I haven’t yet but I love the look of obra dinn… is it a quick play through?

Side note anyone looking to relive phantasy star online there is a free download/fan server here the game has some jank but its still enjoyable

I’m beyond excited for this game. If you have time watch this entire gameplay trailer. It’s incredible. The camera animation is so brilliant.

The Dreamcast is such an underrated system. It’s very powerful and has a library filled with amazing games. I got to borrow one from a friend when I was around 13 or so (I think?), which was a few years into the Dreamcast’s death more or less.

He had Shenmue and Jet Set Radio, two games that were mindblowing to me in very different ways. JSR bombarded me with great music and amazing aesthetics, had never seen cel shading before, and Shenmue was the first game I played where you could just wander around and do nothing. The latter might sound underwhelming, but in a medium where your typical action would be ‘go from point a to b and kill as many baddies as you can’ it was certainly different and exciting - a world that felt alive.

Actually, the VMU and Sony Pocketstation (a similar device for PS1) were big inspirations for the GUI in Model:Samples. I wanted it to feel like a video game sort of. And I’ve actually made a sequencer for Pocketstation, and thought about the VMU…


The odd thing is that the system was in no way underrated by the media or those in the know. It was arguably too ahead of its time and suffered for it.

Playing Virtual Striker and House of the Dead at home with full arcade quality graphics made for one hell of a memorable Christmas that’s for sure!

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I have quite a few custom DMG’s, a few DS, a GBA all of which I use for sound/music mainly, a couple of Vectrex one of which I planned on modding for an audio scope but haven’t done yet.

I don’t game so much these days, I really used to enjoy the Xbox360 - Halo, HL2, Portal and so on, but once all the games started trying to out call of duty eachother I lost interest, bought an Xbox1 but after a couple of months it was gathering dust, mainly because of the sameyness and over reliance on gimmicks, DLC outfits etc. in Xbox1 games at the cost of storylines and playability.

Funny thing is that I see a lot of parallels between gaming consoles and music gear, maybe it is an age thing, but I often feel that in the name of progress a lot of what made older stuff great is overlooked - and I’m not just talking about dewy eyed nostalgia here - undoubtedly new tech offers many exciting possibilities, but just that sometimes it becomes a bit MOARR!

I guess that is why I really like the direction that companies like Elektron and Teenage Engineering take.


Off topic here but the GBA actually has some really great games that still hold up. Advance Wars, Final Fantasy Tactics, Castlevania Aria of Sorrow, Kirby, Pokémon Emerald, Golden Sun, Harvest Moon, Mother 3…


After games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man, God of War, Persona 5, Monster Hunter World and plenty of others, plus VR, I generally have no interest in playing them.

And if I did I’d emulate them with my RasPi, I especially have no interest in using a physical GameBoy (M:S) when I can play the same retro games plus thousands of others in 4K (OT, DT, Rytm). Which is the whole analogy I was making.

I concede however because to some a GameBoy will be more than enough as opposed to dropping money on a 4k VR ready setup.