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Advance Wars was brillient!


That’s funny, the only game I kind of enjoyed from your list was RDR2, and even that was a pain in the ass to play because of the awful controls. I think modern games have made a lot of progress in the graphics department but often to the expense of playability and storytelling. That’s why I still play loads of GBA, SNES and indie games despite having a PS4 and a nice TV.

The analogy is quite a good one actually. I think the M:S’s focus on playability, speed and fun will be appealing even to people who have tasted the modern 4k experience (Rytm, OT, DAWs), and will be used to create stuff that’s surprisingly complex despite the limitations.


God of War won GOTY for a reason, and not because I’ve beaten it 3 times.

Storytelling? Woo boy. God of War lacking in story telling? I’m struggling not to drop mad spoilers due to my disagreement with this statement but I shall restrain myself. Same with Persona 5, arguably one of the best games created in the past… ever, and RDR2 lacking in cinematic storytelling? Spider-Man goes straight back to PS2 days if you want to argue nostalgia.

But I don’t have much more to say (besides I’d take a Switch (OP-1) any day over a GameBoy (M:S) but yes of course there is a market for the Volca Samples, M:S, and OP-Zs of the world. The secondary part of my analogy is that it’s a sampler, thus it provides nothing unique in terms of sound without some mangling. If I want to use that mangled sound instead of sampling what it itself has sampled, I’ll sample the M:S with my lovely inputs (emulation).

For any further comment re-see: my Dwight Schrute quote.


GOW had a fine story but the gameplay loop was boring as hell for me. Just waves of the same re-skinned enemies punctuated by the same sort of dull puzzles we’ve seen since the PS1 era.

RDR2, a great exercise in world-building, immersion and non-traditional storytelling. Let down by piss-poor controls that I was still struggling with even after completing the game.

Persona 5 I admittedly haven’t made much progress on. For now it’s just a series of very monotonous time-management tasks with not much reward. A few friends have loved it though so I’ll persevere.

Re the M:S being just a sampler, you could say that about any sampler. The magic is in the sequencer and interface.

Not a fan of the US office either so I guess we just have different tastes.


I took my time with Obra Dinn and finished it in around 10 hours. Don’t look up hints if you get stuck!


Good ol‘ days :sunglasses: and those mini games were so addictive


Shenmui 2 fab memories. Also Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi




Dang! I feel like a dreamcast copy of shenmue 2 is a rarity… at least in the states I am not sure if it came out at all. Cherish those disks. That said I am probably lazy enough that I will just play these on steam now that they are playable there… hopefully shenmue 3 will keep the magic alive.




Yeah I feel like sadly the PS4 has slowly made me play games less and less… actually maybe that is a good thing, more time for music and creative things! I will say the the new Tekken is pretty brilliant in my book, along with Ni No Kuni 2 and I think the whole Dark Souls and Blood Bourne series is just great. Obviously there is a boat load of brilliant indie games, which I now just play on PC for the most part. I have my backlite modded GB orignal and it gets played very often… a huge plethora of interesting games for it.

a couple of fan translated gb games to try are:

for the frog the bell tolls

and last bible

personal weird favorite is:
Sword of Hope is great and hilarious first person maze RPG

last shot is from my gb :slight_smile:


first game that sucked ME in was Ultima

this looks GREAT


GBA SP was one of the greatest systems ever, IMO. I love my 3DS, but will always carry a flame for the SP.


My switch arrived on Xmas eve morning, and I rushed straight out to buy Mario kart and odessy.

Haven’t touched oddesy yet, and Mario kart gets limited time!

Used to be a time when I’d have spent all my free time engrossed in whatever game I’m in the midst of.

Still need to finish rdr as well. Some pleb at work gave me a huge spoiler when he was moaning about the game and I’ve not been bothered since.

I tell myself that one day I’ll break a leg or something and will have nothing to do other than play games…


Anyone else play FFXIV…? Just me…? :c


Looking for co-op Apex or Rocket League, Stick Fight or whatever.

Steam profile


Just picked up Nier Automata and it’s great fun! Loving it so far. Got that nice jrpg music too


Did anyone play through Sekiro? That game was insanely good…


Ufff…JRPG/ souls stuff - no thanks.
Give me a gravity/ portal gun BFG any day!


Had to stay home with our puppy on saturday when my girlfriend went to a party so I bought the first Konami 50th anniversary collection which consists mainly of their classic sidescrolling shoot 'em ups. Haven’t had as much fun playing in a long time that I had with Gradius I - Nemesis, Salamander and Vulcan Venture and a couple of beers. There’s something in the Gradius-series that just gets me every time.

There’s a Contra-collection and a Castlevania-collection coming later in the series. Looking forward to them too. I really hope they’ll release SD Snatcher in English for the anniversary. That would be perfect!