Finegear’s Dirt Magnet— analog effects, part of the Arkive Effects series

The Dirt Magnet includes a variable speed ( hopefully ) magnetic tape loop, a noise generator, a crackle generator (which mimics the vinyl crackle associated with sampling), a ring modulator, and a low pass filter, and two LFOs, that can be MIDI synced.

Finegear’s other Arkive Effects unit :
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Looks cool

When I saw that tape echo I lost it

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Looks interesting, but no sound demo in that video? Also gigantic—don’t know where I’d even put it. But kudos to Arkive for doing a tape delay and the estimated price is good for all the features.


They are still ironing out tape transport issues so a sound demo is not advised, as it would sound wonky.

We can post a sound demo here as it’s released.

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Just what I need for my Reese bass sounds :smiley:

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Thought it’s designed to sound wonky—haha.


I mentioned in discussion in the SB22 thread with Jamie Lidell talking about LFO control of tape transport. It’s located here in this thread..

And if you want even more on that, you don’t, but skip down two posts from that one and there is even more.

I hope Finegear nails the tape transport issues. Mechanical stuff like that can get really thorny.

If they do the Dirt Magnet can be a dream machine.


If they get the tape working as advertised, this is the tape machine I’d want. I didn’t grow up with four tracks, so I’ll stick with Ableton & Logic for my multitracking needs. A 1/2" or 1" tape would be fun, but expensive in terms of space and maintenance to keep around.

I’m hopeful that they can get the tape mechanism working. You can spend a whole weekend digging through Youtube videos that disassemble and analyze the myriad of strange tape machines from the past. I’m sure there is a solution out there, hopefully it is cost effective and easy to manufacture too.


Really interesting company, I like their ideas.

From SB 23 queued to Dirt Magnet section. Can be pre-ordered.

They’ve got the speed change on the tape working, plud there is an insert loop on the tape feedback loop.


available for pre-order…

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This is really cool. I don’t think that I can justify a $1300+ tape delay, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want one.

Too bad they told their web designer to make the site as difficult as possible to use on a phone. :roll_eyes:

My entire “guild” (web devs) has collectively lost the plot the last 5-odd years. Sorry.


Video from SB 24 in this post :


This is really interesting, a bit expensive at 1428Є tho!