A Show of Shows - Superbooth, SFF, NAMM - Spring 23

Whoa! Anyone know if the audio matrix mixer can adjust gain for every connection (meaning different gain level from input 1 to output 1 than from input 1 to output 2) or just for every input/output? If yes, that could actually be the center piece of one’s studio…sequencer, mixer, daw controller :heart_eyes:

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Wow, if they get that right it’ll be quite something.

Real cool idea. I’ve never thought about it, but is there sequence-able matrix-mixers out there, besides euro-rack switches?

I think the Erica Matrix Mixer responds to program changes (or note numbers?). Tim Shorbridge did a nice demonstration of it some time back.

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Both of these products turned out a lot cooler than I was expecting. Was also blown away as the pricing was way cheaper than I expected. I’d love to use the mixer with djing gigs over a Pioneer. I love the fact that they decided to use cassette tape as the tape delay source. Cheap, and readily available, and if you want high quality tape, you can still get it.


The Finegear product threads :

Dirt Magnet


Dust Collector


I saw this module from a small French manufacturer Black Noise Modular. this module is a beast, it is 100% analog and can be use as VCO, LFO, RingMod, VCA, LPG, VC clipper, PLL, phase modulation, logic Gate, and many more application. Crazy amount of stuff for a 100% analog module in 14HP. I will definitely follow this manufacturer and the guy at the Superbooth was super nice!


If this AB 2 is at Superbooth, then I wonder why nobody has posted any videos of it yet….?

I wonder if it’s just a preproduction model. I’ll wait it out until the official release.

Did anyone happen to see anything from Novation? I thought I saw a teaser or something a couple days ago.


(Don’t think this has been posted already)

So it’s a ruler on the edge of the table explained with a flipbook (which is very cool).


Jesus Christ is UHE a great company or what? Zebra 3 looks to be absolutely incredible…again.


U-He are awesome, they pretty much set the standard. I’m personally more excited about the new version of Filterscape that’s incoming but I know Zebra 3 is going to make a lot of hardcore sound design nerds very happy.


Yes. That program as well makes me uber excited too. Must be close to release now.

A bunch of stuff

Every year at Superbooth Silhouette shows up to show some new development. The product takes images and turns them into audio. This year they’ve added a reverse feature to turn audio into images !

SonicState article


Latest news on the Osmose

SonicState article


Neuzeit Warp. I posted about this earlier, a wavetable with additive synth, but here’s a video :

SonicState article


MP MIDI This is a hardware interface for software products, it’s been around for a while, but it gets better and better.


SonicState article


The shown too soon dilemma.

At trade shows, companies face a dilemma with how early to show a new product. There is pressure to show what you’ve got, 'cuz we want to see it. And there is risk if you show it too early, people will either peg the product by the unfinished design, or be expecting the release soon, and think the company is not capable. And you paint a target on your back with the competition.

It needs to be said, products frequently take several years to develop, and can have schedules that are almost impossible to predict !

This year these products might be thought of as in the category of “shown a little early”, and may need a serving of tolerance from some of us : ( This is opinion, and not true for everyone. )

  • Korg "Phase 5"
  • Erica Synths Steampipe
  • Modal Carbon8
  • Reliq Hybrid Control Surface
  • PWM Mantis
  • Aodyo Anyma Omega
  • Tiptop Audio ART series products
  • Thingstone Track8
  • UDO Super Gemini
  • Lambda Synthetics PolyPulse
  • Tasty Chips GR-MEGA

And Superlative is really sticking themselves way out-- showing a new product, the Monolab, when they are not done with another product they sold with Kickstarter, that is very delayed, the Space Bee SB-1. Both products are now in the “shipping very soon” category.

Actually from the inside, i am pretty tolerant of “too early”, but there damn well is a line, and you don’t want to cross it.

Last year some companies showed a product perhaps a little early, but have come through this year with it finished and are ready :

  • Finegear Modmix
  • Finegear Dirt Magnet
  • Klavis Grainity
  • Expressive E Osmose
    And many others.

There are also other companies that like to wait, wait, wait, until the product is done, done, done, before showing anything, which has risks and faces criticism as well. Two of these :

  • Ashun Sound Machines
  • Novation

And i won’t even mention the companies that have shipped too early !

I know i’ve missed a lot ( Polyend, SOMA, others ?? ) with these lists ( maybe i posted this too early ), so go ahead and fill a few in.

Behringer is not on the list, as they “don’t do shows”, but … well that’s something perhaps for another thread.


I had posted eariler about the Entropy & Sons video synth.

Here’s another, perhaps a little more fundamental, and perhaps a little more interesting for some here too.

Syntonie’s visual synthesizer combines the principles of audio and visual synthesis. It approaches video synthesis in a manner much more familiar to those experienced with audio synthesis. This synthesizer is purchased as separate modules or as DIY PCB.

I queued this video past a false start of sorts, but at the end you can go back and watch the start. ( Smart move by the Sonic State interviewer. )

SonicState article


Man this stuff is so cool. I’ve got a cheap projector that would be great to use with something like this while doing live shows.


Not as exciting but in terms of combing all those different bits of gear, something to be super excited about.


I know, not super exciting, but if you need this, you really will be glad you have it.

This is how you do business – this is a startup. You find a need, and you fill it. If it is your first product, find that super useful product that is within your capabilities and make that.