FaderFox EC4

Hey ! Anyone got a faderfox ec4 yet ? They were expected to go out in december !

Seems like a very handy little controller ! I was thinking about getting a midifighter twister or (another) killamix mini but the fact that you can name the parameters/groups/setups seems a wonderful feature for control of multiples parameters across multiple devices !

If anyone got theirs and want to share their thoughts ! :slight_smile:


I’ve gotten mine. Haven’t used it much yet, bit to busy at the moment.

Build quality seems good and sturdy enough, even though it looks and feels a bit plastic. I like the movement of the encoders, feels quite smooth.
The size fits perfectly next to my Elektrons and it’s nice that it’s angle is slightly raised up.

It’s easy to configure standalone but much faster if you hook it up to the pc editor.

With groups, setups and encoder naming, I feel it’s gonna be a really useful controller once I’ve optimized my configuration a couple iterations down the line.

Right now I’m trying out this setup:
Group 1: OT+DN levels and DN Modulation (used as 4 performance macros)
Group 2: ZOIA and iPad controls

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One question, How do you hook al the devices?

Still figuring out what the best way to route everything is. The way I’ve got everything setup now I’m getting some weird feedback bugs on the octatrack.

yellow wires is midi out, green is thru, pink is usb to iConnectAUDIO4


Works fine unless i want to send midi CC’s from the OT.

Perhaps I can filter out some messages going back to the Octatrack. The iConnect has some pretty nifty midi functions.

Optimally I would like to be able to switch between using OT, iPad or PC as master without switching the wires up or changing presets on the iConnect. Maybe it’s not possible haven’t really thought it through well enough yet

Hey, thanks for the insights. This box really seems to be a compact swiss army knife !

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It shows either the parameter name or the value (numerical or bargraph) - did I get that right?
No way to have name and value in the display?

I thought, you always have the name and when you move the encoder you get the value, then after a while it goes back to name…Need to dig a bit deeper it seems…

Both correct. You can switch between: name, value or bargraph.
While turning in name mode it quickly switches to either value or bar, can be changed in settings.

According to the manual you can change display settings for each encoder individually, haven’t tried this yet.

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That’s great! Judging from the manual it seemed to me you only had the option to switch between names or values.

does the EC4 support MIDI over USB?
i’d like to connect it to my ES FH-2 but simultaneously use the OT’s sequencer, and not really shure if a USB-hub or a MIDI-merger would be needed. the FH-2 can receive 4 MIDI-sources over an USB-hub though…

there’s just no photos of the back of the EC4 :sweat_smile:

another question: does the EC4 save the current states of the last settings? and if so: does it happen automatically or is there some kind of operation to save the current values?

there is barely someone working with this unit yet, i would really appreciate your insights here :slight_smile:

Yes it does midi over USB. That’s how I’m using it currently.

All values are reset to zero when the device is turned off.


thank you for answering :slight_smile:

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I have one ordered but I don’t think i’ll have it for a few more weeks :frowning:

Curious, Mathias have been lightning fast replying to emails and shipping !

You ordered from him?

Yup !

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Google Shopping has it, plus $20 off with January coupon, free shipping, and no tax (for my state, at least). Says delivery by Friday Jan. 17th for me.


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I just emailed him, thanks! Ironically the store I ordered it from got them in stock in the last hour so… might be faster just to wait as it is. ha

Excelent piece of hardware …
Just got one, replacing the PC4. Very precise and robust encoders, indeed it’s plastic but good plastic ! Easy configuration via the online editor, clever layout and function. I like the “straight to the point” philosophy behind Faderfox stuff. Nothing fancy or eye catching, just clever devices.

This is the midi controler i’ve been wainting for for a long long time. I won’t use it with Elektron stuff but only via USB for VSTs. I completely mapped Kaivo and Aalto and some Live send effect and it’s super efficient (and no value jump anymore) !

Some improvments seem possible though: more diplay settings ( i’d love to be able to set the range with a custom value ! ), better push fucntions and a quicker way to change groups for instance.

Thanks to faderfox !


Any additional comments vs the pc4 are welcome. I’m a bit undecided between the two.

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