Empress Zoia // Euroburo

Empress Zoia looks cool: https://youtu.be/rsFT5Ta9RBQ




cant get my head around it!!!

Zoia is a compact grid of musical anything. Use modules to construct instruments, effects, utilities. Save and transfer them via SD. It is what you need it to be.

Features: - Stereo operation (including Empress effect algorithms) - MIDI i/o - CV & clock in - Save patches as supermodules to speed up creation - Ongoing updates (new modules!) - Random create function to jumpstart or invigorate your process - Blocks can all be linked freely to multiple sources & destinations - Extensive favourites system: even moments can be favourited, to quickly return to a safe place if your patch goes awry

This is an introduction. Tentative release information: Spring, $450.


Wow! I’m pretty glad I held off on going back to the Octatrack for my portable FX Processor!


Seems like a stand-alone monome. Not bad, not bad at all.

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Like an Fx Rack in Abelton with macro control. Stereo i/o, fun device.


Looks cool, any word of a price tag? Bit like organelle with more buttons and works standalone rather than programming it in the computer, I think that’s what I’m looking at anyway?

Nice! Extremely tiny buttons though…

I saw 450 when googling.

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What a great lil box! And it includes most of the hyped empress FX algos? Brilliant.

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Yeah i want it bad! Zoia and organelle together with octatrack will be crazy. Let the GAS begin looks up sperm and plasma donation centers nearby


hahahah this is absolutely mental

Yes, this trend to make everything tiny is obnoxious… The elektron AR/A4/OT mk1 size is perfect IMO.

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Text from Empress Zoia video:

Zoia multithing.
I want to sequence an oscillator with an lfo.
create … customize … & link modules to create instruments, effects, ultilities or all of the above at once.
i sequenced an oscillator with 2 lfos.
i want infinite reverb with modulated mix.
each module is a sequence of blocks, each block accesses a parameter.
i want an entire pedalboard in one little box.
zoia uses empress’ proven effects algorithms.
easily customize routings and re-order on the fly.
i want to modulate a filter with 5 different sources.
i want two loopers that record at the same time but an octave apart and reverb.
zoia contains a categorized library of modules: functions, sound makers, filters, effects, etc.
connect them however you please for whatever purpose you dream up.
i want to clock a sequencer with a tapped in rhythm.
i want a footswitch to trigger a pattern.
zoia’s footswitches can be assigned to any (or several simultaneous) functions, by default they scroll through & recall your saved programs.

  • midi i/o
  • ongoing updates (new modules!)
  • favourites
  • shared presets - via sd
  • cv & clock in
  • stereo i/o
  • saved patches as supermodules
  • random create function

i want to envelope control 3 different effect.
i want to activate 10 things at once with one momentary button.
modules can send & receive to/from mutiple sources at once.
i want a bit crushed synth with sequencer and keyboard.
i want a bit crushed synth with sequencer and keyboard and a momentary delay with tap tempo.
i want a bit crushed synth with sequencer and keyboard and a momentary delay with tap tempo, and a guitar loop.


I want to buy more gear to avoid finishing tracks


What? You actually RECORD your music? :wink:


About the Empress Zoia => As best i can make out, and i am sure to be embarrassingly wrong about this.

The interface is clever, and to accomplish everything that it is capable of requires something resembling a simple sort of 'programming ’ (in the computer software sense), and a programming mindset with the punching of the buttons and selection of the functions with their parameters. I like that it has midi i/o, cv in, and an sd interface. I know Empress makes some wonderful sounding effects pedals and are well respected.

The random create function is probably criminally addictive, with people pushing the random button all day waiting for another jackpot of sound and effects.

This seems to me a no brainer, i’m getting it! My intent is to make this a part of a Eurorack system, too bad it ain’t Eurorack already!

I know it’s a guitar pedal – but i can’t even picture using this with my guitar given all the other things it can do. This could be amazing in performance as well.


Really interesting. But why so small? The screen is tiny as f€%§ !

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Seriously- with something like this, a simi-modular like the O-Coast, then your initial modular setup wouldn’t need to be extravagant. Maybe something for sampling or something.

We really are living in the golden age :slight_smile:


This one deserves its own thread! Does it have stereo i/o?