Empress ZOIA Euroburo!

This thing looks awesome


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FWIW – I think this is at least part of why they sell Zebu with an optional case (the other being to sort of bridge the gap between the original, pedal format, and eurorack).

On another note, @mods is there a chance we could merge the Euroburo and ZOIA threads? (Is this how I tag them? I forget.) There are some different use cases, certainly, but so much overlap that I think it’s better if they shared a common knowledge pool.


@AdamJay @avantronica @LyingDalai

Clean up on aisle Z, plz

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I suggest we keep two threads, and keep this conversation for details that are only related to ZOIA Euroburo, and not ZOIA.

Edit: all right, nevermind

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A bit late as has been moved, plus I don’t see the public sticking to that division cleanly - more admin. I’m with @chm_jacques on this call, and let’s be honest, he’s the topic champion

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