NAMM 2018 - News, Announcements hopes and rumours


Anyone add the Moog DFAM yet?


Sounds like someone has been listening to the blindboy podcast…


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One of these is true


Anything other than a boutique 303.
Jesus does the world honestly need another 303 clone :expressionless:
I hope you are meaning Nord 5


Can’t wait for NAMM to end so I can focus on not making music again :expressionless:


Can’t wait for NAMM to start so I can decide whether I’ll spend my money on a RYTM mk2.




What does LOL mean?


I eat square waves for breakfast.




I am Belgian.


I couldn’t wait any longer and spent my money already on an A4MK2. Now I hope nothing good gets announced :smile:


I don’t think anything can really top the A4mk2- if you want that piece, nothing else can compare.

I don’t have the money to drop on that- so I’m hoping for a cheaper compromise that is capable of the weirdest beeps and boops.

Just make music through NAMM :slight_smile:


Sorry, didn’t mean to be rude. Bluetooth MIDI will very likely have some bad timing issues… Some things are best left wired.


True. It’s an amazing instrument and nothing can replace it.

I wish you to get yours one day and experience its awesomeness!


Strymon Magneto. Lots of videos up on Strymon’s YouTube channel. Underwhelming after seeing that Empress.



A sampler or speak & spell type device in PO form would be cool, a ‘my first barnyard friends’ edition less so. :tongue: