Empress Zoia // Euroburo

Zoia is super interesting! I wonder if you you can use it as a sequencer too. At least it was hinted at and offer MIDI in and out. Even if it couldn’t this would be a really super useful and forward thinking FX box and looper.

thats retro, its 2018 baby

yeah that empress takes the cake. I love it when somethings so deep it ruins everything else so that definitely looks like my cup of tea. look forward to seeing them in the wild. I like the whole organelle type thing but I use reaktor so I didn’t want to open another software can of worms but in pedal format I might reconsider


Plus who knows what else Empress will shoehorn into this thing in the future?

ADDED: Hot topic – we got a forum split. Thanks Peter!




if the FX sound decent when real reviews drop its gonna be a definite buy from me. fingers crossed. watched the vid like three times now, cant really grasp how it works but I get the idea. super interested in this one

Same here i can’t quite either, i think it’s one of those things you actually have got to put your fingers on and then it’s obvious. You have to ‘grok’ it as it were.

In the past i’ve watch various vids for other Empress products like this one for their reverb to get an idea of the quality of their audio:

ADDED: At 13:40 he runs a Volca FM through the Empress Reverb. The Kalimba right before it is amazing. So i hope the Zoia sounds like this!


Might replace both pedals I bought this past Black Friday with this one, depending on how it turns out.

I’d been wanting to buy an Eventide H9 for the longest time. Not sure – but just maybe this will make that GAS go away. We’ll see.

I googled it for more info because it’s really amazing and confusing. Couldn’t find much yet though

For some reason it’s reminding me of the classic ‘Glitch VST’.
Multiple effects triggered in a sequenced fashion, with lots of crazy randomness.


This is completely ridiculous and I must have it.

wow, this will pair well with my modular! Want!

I miss the word granular…
To include this too would be fantastic… And I would happily rip 450 bucks out of myself… kidney or so…

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More exciting than any synth revealed thus far.


Agreed. I think this might be the coolest bit of gear I’ve ever seen.


Hell, I was stoked about the bastl thyme. This thing already looks to blow it out of the water in both features and price.

I saw the knobs video for this yesterday and thought ‘now there’s something I definitely don’t need.’ Halfway through the video I was searching for a preorder


Sounds great. I recently got an Eventide Space reverb pedal that seems to play in the same class.

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It’ll happen i’ve no doubt.

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