Elk-herd 3 sneak peek

UPDATE: Alpha is out — Elk-herd 3.0 public alpha

Do you have projects so full of patterns you don’t know what’s where anymore?
Do you have 100+ entries in your sample pool and don’t know what you can delete?
Do you wish you could move just one or two patterns from one project to another?

Coming soon to crunch/elk-herd!

  • Project transfer to/from Digitakt
  • Project transfer to/from files
  • Reorder patterns, the sample pool, and the sound pool
    —all references and plocks kept in sync!
  • Import parts of one project into another
  • Find unused and duplicate items in the sample and sound pools
  • Rename and delete patterns and sounds

Short Sneek Peek FAQ:

  • Open alpha expected mid-September
  • Works with Digitakt OS version 1.11 only
  • Android / Chrome OS / Linux / Mac / Windows
  • Nothing to install - runs from the web (in Chrome browser)
  • Downloadable self contained web page will be available for use off-line
  • Free

You can thank me now by subscribing to my YouTube channel
…Once it’s released, buy me a beer!

— Mark


Very excited to try this!

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Even though I don’t have a Digitakt, this sounds like a great project! Subbed to your channel.

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Holy cow

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Amazing work!! Can’t wait to dig in…

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Oh shhiieett. Awesome

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Sound very cool

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Great stuff , must’ve taken a lot of detective work.

Has it got auto condense sample list (remove unused samples in project , shuffle the list to remove gaps )

And ?
If you copy pattern into another project it pulls over sounds/samples AND looks for the same samples/sounds in destination project to use those , keeping things small ?

I think overbridge app (just to record audio streams) and this could be all I need.

Just realised… this is ideal for sharing demo patterns / techniques is it can save only the stuff needed for a pattern inc sounds/samples etc… making a digitakt sound + sample pack and include digitakt example patterns


Ninja. Looks so easy to use. Fabulous work.


Omg thank you for your work!!

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It’ll be three operations:

  1. Select unused sample slots
  2. Clear selected sample slots
  3. Condense sample slots

I hadn’t planned to do the third one. You can do it with a series of drag-n-drops, but this would be more convenient. It is now on the TODO list.



mzero - sounds amazing!

Will the app be able to keep track of p-locked sample trigs?

Secondly, what format will the transferred pattern files be stored in? Perhaps some kind of text or xml format so we can peek/edit them using a text editor?

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Absolutely! Plocks will be kept in sync: if you move an item in either the sample pool or the sound pool, plocks to that item are updated to the new location in all patterns.

Caveat: I can’t easily handle the case where you’ve applied the LFO to the sample slot, because it would have to take into account LFO depth (and its plocks) and then keep those slots together. Perhaps in the future…

The file format is just same as if you recorded the SysEx dumps in a librarian. I could do a JSON decoded format if there is interest… But there are some issues with versioning and future OS upgrades to work out.


This is awesome! Thanks!

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This looks amazing. The UI/UX seems really intuitive. Looking forward to the open alpha!

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Great! Absolutely agree that tracking an LFO’d sample slot is too much to ask.
A JSON format would be great to satisfy my curiosity. I was wondering if you could somehow ‘force’ a form of song-mode this way?


Amazing, being able to reorder patterns and sample slots, awesome work


This looks really fantastic, thanks so much for making it. Project and sample management is the only point of frustration I have with the digi and this solves it! Brilliant work.

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To everybody chiming in here - It’s your duty and obligation to buy this guy another beer.

You better pace yourself @mzero , so nobody has to drive you to the ER for alcohol poisoning :wink: