Elektron Syntakt Trademark Speculations [closed]

I always feel like Elektron take quite a direct and minimal approach. I feel ‘drum machine’ is their DNA. Almost like, every major instrument they ever do will be one in some form or the other (aside from FX and stuff like that). I guess this new machine will show the direction of the company. Like when Tim Cook released the Apple Watch, quite different to what Apple had done before. That said, we might just see more of the same, bigger disruptions to the portfolio will come down the line. It will be interesting to follow - on the one hand the Model series has distilled everything about the Elektron workflow into about the simplest form you can imagine. I feel like it’s not since the Rytm MkI that they’ve done anything new ‘upstream’ - the Digitone sort of being a middle way exception.


I think Elektron has chosen to ‘safe’ the company, this may sound serious, but it’s a quite logical.
I think if they want to take Elektron to the next level they have to be sure the company is/stay’s healthy. New products cost a lot of money, development, etc.

It’s the life cycle of a product which as a company you do need to be aware of. In that case I think they do a incredible job, as with their regular updates, you make your products last longer. Of course there’s an end to it at some stage, but if you look at the Octatrack, you can see that’s still a product which is commercially viable. Small technical changes to the housing/hardware + some very good and interesting firmware update have made it still wanted by a lot of people. This won’t be forever, but their slogan ; from 2010 to eternity say’s it all. I do not think there will be a successor soon. But if they come up with a successor I guess It it will be an update similar which they have done with the Rytm and A4. New hardware, new firmware, implementing Overbridge, more outputs, updated fx something like that.

That’s the same I think for the Syntakt ; They do not have to develop completely new hardware.
It’s the firmware which need to developed, I think therefore a digital drum synthesizer in the Digitakt format would be the most logical choice for them, less development, less risk (which new hardware brings with it) But if you design a great GUI based on the Digitakt I think they would have also a good selling product in their hands. It’s affordable, lot’s of fun and sounds awesome. Look at the MD’s, hard to find and therefore prices have gone through the roof. So if they are wise they make something which is cheaper than what the MD currently costs 2nd hand, an 8 voice drum synth in the Digitakt format.

With these kind of products I think they are able to create some kind of cash flow, so in the end they will be able to come up with something completely new and bonkers in the spirit of the Octatrack. I surely do hope so, but I am not expecting this soon.


That said I am willing to invest in products like an 8 voice drum synth, as it could be a fantastic instrument, which will give me lot’s of pleasure. If this helps Elektron to stay with us and keeps them doing what they are doing, then why not. And maybe some day we will be awarded again with an awesome teaser vid like they did with the Octatrack or maybe even more wicked, updates within their line up of products with secret messages, pictures that suddenly appear on your home screen, puzzles we have to solve, until they release their next, whatever…


You can read Cenk’s announcement here:

and all his posts on the forum since that date here:

and see whether there is any information.


Spot on. I agree with all of this. People moan about the Models but they bring Elektron to the masses and act as a gateway into the rest of the ecosystem. I remember lusting after the MD and MnM in my early 20s but they were laughably out of my price range back then. But being able to pick up an Elektron for around 300 notes makes them much more accessible. For my money, Syntakt (if anything comes of it) will be in the Digi format, and that makes total sense, seeing as DT and DN are very popular mid-tier boxes. And the healthier Elektron is financially speaking, the longer we will have all our boxes supported into the future, and the longer we will be able to chat on this here forum :yellow_heart:


So what’s the theme color of the FUNC button and panel print? I call red, as I this believe its the spiritual successor of the MD.


please a mixer elektron. I would come sweeping your farm for a year, for free!


What about Half-Life 3? Is it confirmed?


Easter egg mode, with playable Elvis.

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Duke Nukem Forever! Oh, wait…

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Whatever it is, I hope it can run Crysis at 60fps in 4K. Otherwise, what’s the point?


nerd alert


Take the existing Digitone and add 8 more voices that are Wavetable. Blend that with the FM.


Maybe Syntakt will be a platform that will allow to expand current digital systems with different types of “machines” (Using the M:C terminology).

For example you could buy new machines for the M:C. Maybe they develop synthesis types for Digi machines, so for example make a wavetable engine, polyphonic for the DN and mono for the DT. Or drum synths engines for the DT too, so in some tracks you could drum/snare/hh engine and sample in others.

I’ve been thinking for a while in this type of development model. Looking at the awesome (for me at least) interfaces that the DN and DT has, it’d be amazing not to have to buy a new machine every time and expands the ones you already have. With the right price it seems really possible.

If i want to try for example an elektron wavetable synth, it’s more likely that i’d pay for an “expansion” on digitakt that for a whole 8 track wavetable synth that maybe will not resist the honeymoon time.

Kind of what the norns do, not open source but curated by the developers.


Absolutely cool, with the only remark- it should not replace og machine functionality but just expand it, in case of DT it should just use its midi tracks, sample engine should be available still.


Or like the Korg ’ logue Multi Engines. It will be interesting to see how the forthcoming Drumlogue (or however it ends up named) handles this, thought it may well be the same - fit engines from whatever source, purchased or free, into the available slots and go from there.


One more take of what it may be


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A Drum vst

Smells like Roland Cloud…

For subscription ideas ten years ago, Elektron would have been hung on the next tree by the community. Oh well. I am an old white man. What do i know? Guess people like to get enslaved nowadays by not owning anything anymore. The Great Reset ideas by Klaus Schwab as its best. You don´t own anything anymore, and you´ll love it. And ppl. suggest it themselves to get treated as slaves. They really DO love it!

The idea of buying new “machines” is not new. Roland System 1/m…Plug Outs as Roland calls them. Not sure if you can still buy new Plug Outs ten years from now on. Plus Digitakt and Digitone are more or less CPU wise maxed out.

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I’d pay for a better hi-hat on the M:C.


Why? The hi hat is great. I like it.

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