Elektron Syntakt Trademark Speculations [closed]

When did they close the berlin office? If it was this year you won’t see any representative figures on that before late next year

They simply do not at all refer to it any more on their website etc. Yet, the company formally still exists (Elektron Studios Berlin GmbH) with Elektron CEO A. Liffgarden as managing director. He was registered instead of Cenk in May 2021.

…don’t rush…keep ur money and ur gas together for now…

lot’s of hot whishes to fulfil in 2022…that’s ALL NEXT YEAR…

american market is gaining importance…so next namm will do the trick…
no swedish x mas this year…

while there is a small chance, elektron might not need any official sales shows at all anymore, to annouce new products finally, since it’s all back to big boutique…
let’s wait and see…

Last night I had a dream that I was on my couch playing with the newly released Syntakt. It was hard to hear the output from the headphones, what with the constant sirens, screams and fires from outside.

I don’t remember how the finished track sounded outside of it being mediocre.

10/10 would buy


i would love an analog drum machine from elektron in the digitakt price range, or at least max 1000. Something like the rytm, without sampling (thats what the DT will take care of).

On the other hand a box for different machines which you have to buy individually would be dope aswell, because everyone could go for what they want and even switch on use case basis. Want a synth, select synth mode, want drum machine, select drum machine mode.


This is kinda what I’m hoping for. A fully customisable machine that can be upgraded at will later on. It would also have the benefit of future income streams for Elektron updates.

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Erm…that’s called Monomachine…or on a budget…Model:Cycles
Those do exactly that.
And on a broader view any Elektron machine, except Analog Heat, can do that.


I am

My guess : it’s going to be a full featured MIDI Sequencer for all those lovely and lonely Synths. No FM Synth, no Drum oriented Sampler or any distraction attached to it.

The market for MIDI Sequencers is there (Torso, Oxi). They already have a great Sequencer but it’s always attached to something else and lack some in-demand features. So now they will build a dedicated 16-Track MIDI Sequencer with all those feature requests.


SynTakt = ST = Atari-derived tracker sequencer box.


Oh man. I hope they end up calling it Syntakt ST

I want a product name to be that redundant

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if they replicate the MD in a digitakt format with updated fx and sequencer it’ll sell by the billions


You can’t go wrong with the rytm as its a modern classic at this point.

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Syntakt will be a flagship groovebox using digital synthesis for both drum tracks and synth tracks. It will have the form factor of the MKII Rytm, but will have 16 pads, arranged 2x8. Synth tracks will be able to play and sequence polyphonically. It will be accompanied by a version called the Syntakt Keys which will be a new keyboard form factor (which will also be applied to the Analog Keys for an all new MKII). With any luck, it will be MPE capable and will pair nicely with a Linnstrument. :sunglasses:


Hmm you know, this seems to make the most sense, seeing as it would essentially be for creating “rhythms” (i.e “takts”) with the rest of Elektron’s line, which is composed mainly of synths. :upside_down_face:

Is there any more information on what big changes he was referring to?

Given Takt is (I think) Swedish for “cadence” or “pace” I would vote for a modern Elektron style Machinedrum with several drum synthesis options.

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Didn’t know Ess had left too. WTF?

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what about a digitone with phase distortion that you can fm, like with the telharmonic? and a4 filter, rytm distortion/compressor. 8 voices. t-resonator style analog feedback path, echophon effects section, analog function generator tied to the sequencer in place of lfos. can a function generator be digitally controlled/p-locked?

the syntakt is an amalgamation of makenoise’s organic take on west coast acousmatic SYNThesis with the elektron “takt” format

by the way, did you know that “takt” means “rate” in swedish?

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