Elektron Graphic/Industrial Design

Does anyone know who did the visual and industrial design for the timeless Elektron font and logo, and who has lead the design for the products and brand in general? I’ve been digging and haven’t found much on this. At best I’ve found that Daniel Hansson was the “father of the Machinedrum”, which was when the visuals first emerged (the Sid Station was pre-brand).

There is also this thread about some credits, but no specifics on the visuals.

I can’t find anything on elektronauts or google searches about the origins of this graphic design. I’m curious because I’d like to learn who was responsible for it, and to see what else they’ve done. Would love if there was a good interview going in detail about design philosophy, influences, aesthetics etc.

Pardon my simping, but even the butts of these instruments are beautiful:


+1, I would love to know.

As an interface design nerd, I love to know what brought people to their decisions on how to make the things we use. This logo is mad good and Elektron’s visuals have grown to offer beautiful art. The pictures on the product’s pages, with the Digitone Keys buried in the sand… wow. Also the poster provided with the Digitone Keys…

Anyway, I hope we get to learn more. :smiley:


Dumb question but what is the elektron logo exactly? I always thought it was a stylized lowercase “e”. If that’s the case, it bugs me when the logo is next to the name, as it reads to me as “eelektron”

logo aside, they have the best industrial design of any modern elektronic instrument imo. I don’t want anything with small rubber buttons anymore.

pretty sure its a stylized lowercase “e”

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Could be a stylized pac-man too

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I thought it was an L for L-lectron


Pretty sure elektrons original graphic designs (including the logo) were made by acne.

I found a related topic here: Netbabyworld - #10 by OHEXOH


Very interesting…

All my searches for “acne.se elektron” turn up 0 results, and actually just tie back to this thread.

That netbabyworld post is a gem though, love that graphic, definitely seems related to elektron!

This turned up… Elektron is 20!

Looks like the elektron branding has been around since the sid station (didnt realize it was on teh back panel), so they’ve had it since the start!

Still no concrete answer though

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I have a few old brochures and a printed manual from when the Machinedrum was released in 2001 - I can check if there design any credits. I remember acne did some graphic work for them, but I’m not sure what.

The plot thickens.





The Machinedrum section of the Wikipedia article on Elektron has an interesting connection I was not aware of:

The style of the product and packaging was largely designed by Jesper Kouthoofd, who went on to found the Stockholm-based company Teenage Engineering in 2005.

MD and OP-1 are second cousins!


Actually I had seen that but didnt include it in my first post… looked into it more and found this great thread here:

@presteign you might have the best lead so far! Seems like Jesper is most likely the original designer of the style and font.

I thought it was the Swedish version of Pac-Man.


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I think these are the best versions of these original elektron advertisements:

The connection to Teenage Engineering looks obvious, so Jesper Kouthoofd is our top suspect

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