Elektron prototype images?

would be great to see some early elektron prototype shots, the B-shots that never made it to print nor promo.


this thread has the only prototypes ive ever seen.

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I think Elektron keeps that stuff wrapped up pretty tight. Wouldn’t want any machine rights activists getting riled up about what goes on in their laboratories… Oh the horror!! :imp:

I think I saw some early OT pics with black trig keys and some other small cosmetic differences on GS a couple weeks back…maybe somebody has the link?

Never knew that some of the TE folks used to work with Elektron, either.

our beloved GREY Octatrack!!


i like the grey octatrack, think white would be pretty classy, but difficult to keep white

I have an old MD flyer from 2001 or so, showing some early sketches. Remind me to scan them one day…


Yeah the charcoal Octa was nice.

Those Teenage ‘Audio’ shots are wicked! The screen looks somewhat familiar but I can’t seem to place it, lol

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only 150 views!

Custom white Octatrack

i think grey would’ve made sense as the octatrack is in-between the old silver boxes and the new black boxes in terms of functionality and features.

one day…could be this?

Shit, had not seen that before. That Octatrack and that red MD are sweet!

From the Elektron product sheet vault.


Yes! That’s the one I have in my “archive”…

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Haha, sweet! Have to say I’m glad “Chrysler Big Boy” didn’t win the design competition. :wink:

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I find 'em verry nice. A 70’s look, i would like mine design like these ones… really

Shit, had not seen that before. That Octatrack and that red MD are sweet! [/quote]
Seriously the red MD looks incredible.

You can see a lot of mixed design ideas from the MnM and SID. The table top one looks like a beefed up SID Station.

Most of the time when you look at lets say car prototypes then see what they released I am generally disappointed by the end design. In this case I do like how the MD production box turned out.

Really the Chrysler? The only way that design makes sense to me is if that was suppose to be a sort of modular unit. But a digital drum machine in a modular rack? Not sure how people would have taken to that.

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