Electra one - programmable midi (CC, SysEx, NRPN) controller

Hey guys!
I will quietly leave here a link for a cool (yet not known) controller that is gonna be released by a small, independent project (not my project to be clear). It’s basically a customizable controller for synth programming and live performance able to send CC, SysEx, NRPN, having a USB host and midi routing capabilities, and some other cool features. I think that you might find it useful for your gear…


also mentioned in here: Midi controller for OT

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:+1: good - no faders (unless motorised and touch sensitive). Rotaries FTW

12 hardware knobs and touchscreen lets you see up to 36 simultaneous synth parameters.

I’ve pondered what MIDI controller I might eventually want to use for quick adjustment of multiple parameters on my Zoia, Eventide H9, and maybe even iPad apps at the same time. This might be the ticket.

Sorry folks, I did do a previous search and somehow I didn’t find it.

You can go on-line and use/try their editor right now.

Hint: You Drag the controls onto the page you want to have a controller on.

It will be helpful when/if there is a complete library of lots more devices. I mean you can make your own but it s nice to see what others do for a specific device too.

Not sure yet how well this compares with competitive or similar products. Price is higher, but you get a lot for the money. The NRPN and SysEx functionality is nice to have.

There is a video for the editor here.

Some firmware updates

  • We have increased the number of pages to 12, this gives you 432 controls in one preset. It means we have doubled the original capacity!
  • Users may now store up to 12 easy to access presets in Electra’s internal storage.
  • Electra can send SysEx messages that are composed of more than one parameter. This overcomes problems of older synths that have multiple parameters squeezed in a single SysEx byte. An extreme example of this is that Electra can compose and transfer the whole SysEx patch dump on a change of a single parameter. Our Crumar BIT99 preset is a perfect example of that.

Shut up and take my money!

1st thing I tried…

Typed text in their search bar… it’s white text on white background…
O dear

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Ok, after a short chat, I pulled the trigger.
I think I can sell some controllers, then :wink:

The fact that later down the road you will be able to send sysx with it makes it super versatile. Also, 14bit controls, CC, NRPN. All in one sleek box - we’ll see if the price tag is reasoned.
Will report when it arrives in 02/2020!


The price puts me off, I’d prefer encoders plus sliders and buttons for that price.

Damn… I am not sure if the thumbnail is visible (thanks IG :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ) but this is my test drive of Electra + Waldorf + Digiatkt combo. Works really awesome - if someone does have any questions to the setup, the behavior of its general usability, just let me know and I will be more than happy to share my experience…

Dang COVID-19 is delaying the production of mine. People who received theirs, are you digging it?

CV-19 is not only interfering with production, but the launch was planned for Superbooth. From their web-site:
Pre-orders are suspended till the official product kick-off at Superbooth 2020 tradeshow in Berlin. Meet us there!

I guess changing the launch will be easy enough to do though.

Hi Maara,

How does something like this work with VSTi like Serum?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

paging @maara and @thetechnobear – have you guys been using your Electra One’s? What do you think?

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New batch seems close, I gonna give it a go ! I have great expectations combining the electra and a midi hub !
And the v2 firmware looks…Stunning !
look bottom of this page for nice pictures :

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Closer than I thought…Open to order this morning GMT time.

439 euros though…:triumph:

Ordered ! :grin:

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Really looking forward to this.

Could you please report back on this one once you’ve had some quality time with it? :slight_smile: