DN and Percussion

Tips and tricks for percussion on DN.


I posted this in another thread awhile back.

A cool trick if you want to create trap style hi hats that can jump from 1/16th to 1/12th triplets and 1/32nd notes, etc…

Create or find a patch you want to use. Enable the arpeggiator. Now access the arp settings. Set the SPEED to 1/16th. Once this is done save your patch. Copy the patch to create a new one, this time changing only the SPEED of the Arpeggiator to 1/12th (triplets) Copy and save as many different patch variations you desire.

Load all your newly created patches into your sound pool so you can now lay them down in a pattern and use SOUND LOCKS to change the patch on any given trig, in turn changing the speed of the hi hats.

This is excellent fun with weird glitchy sounds, FM, claps, anything!!! Love tossing these at the end of a 4 bar phrase. This is basically the Digitone’s unofficial Retrig.

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Here is one where we learned some things about making EFM BD -ish machinedrum kicks:

And here is another one where we almost went deeper with MD, but slipped for need of examples/samples:


Not quite sure how to do this but I’m gonna give it a go, sounds like it could be funky

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Oh man how am I only discovering all these resources now, I was dying for in-depth DN drum synthesis tutorials when it first came out. Now my GAS for one has returned with a vengeance!

…then allow me to ruin your day, :rofl: sorry/not sorry :innocent:

@Eaves, you wouldn’t happen to have some recent stream links that might, say, show off some DN drums you could link, would you? :wink:


Dude’s livestreams have been great. Good tips, and pleasant to chat with.