I tried fingerdrumming on a beatstep connected to a Digitone with velocity sensitive drum sounds

I have an Arturia Beatstep that I NEVER use. Its encoders are unreliable and the pads jitter, sometimes playing twice when I hit it once. I saw some fingerdrumming videos last night and was inspired to check out a few tutorials. I also wanted to check out the Digitone’s new multimap feature, which lets you assign a range of keys play a range of sounds from the sound pool.

I have two ranges on the beatstep: C5, C#5 and D5 are the kick, snare and hat playing on track 4. From D#5 to D#6 it plays my “Ambient V” patch (V for velocity-sensitive) on track 2. The basic chords are sequenced on track 1, and the bass is sequened on track 3.

I can see myself spending time fingerdrumming. It’s very satisfying, even if I struggle to keep time and play more than just simple beats :smiley:


nice tune

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Thank you, @safetyofobjects!

Madskillz man!!! Wow. Love the melody you „drum“ in there during live playing. Really cool!

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I didn’t know that my Digitone was capable of producing that nice of a full jam. Your YouTube channel is amazing. Where has this guy been hiding on YouTube? You’re good.


Awesome. I like the enjoyable simplicity of this setup, the groove sounds really nice.

Fingerdrumming is very rewarding.

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Thank you very much @digi_dave, @notnmyhouse530 and @mk7! I’ve been making music as a hobby for a long time, but only got my Digitakt (and later Digitone) half a year ago and started uploading videos then =)