Display issues : Lines of pixels not as bright as the rest?

Anyone else have lines of pixels on the screen that are not as bright yellow as the rest of the pixels? I have a few lines like that. The brightness of the lines vary a bit depending on which menu I’m in, but they seem to always be a bit dimmer.

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Yup definitely a little difference in lines that shifts depending on the context.

Yes, the OLED has some ghosting. This is normal.


Alright, good to hear it’s normal! Was already getting worried. :slight_smile:

I was just trippin’ too. Thanks for the posts.

How much is some/normal? It’s gotten worse after just an hour or so of use new out of the box. Is this something that gets better or worse over time. It’s a bit disappointing.

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Agreed. I was so stoked to get the DT, but disappointed at the heavy ghosting/shadowing in the display. And then to read this is normal? $658 dollars later and this is normal new out of the box…? 1st piece of Elektron gear and I am going to return it already. Maybe not a deal breaker to others, but I’m bummed.


Someone on the forum has been fitting OLED screens to OTs. Might be interesting to hear if his OLED screens have ghosting.

Paging @DOS.putin.

I’ve just noticed dimmed horizontal lines of pixels on my Digitakt display since updating to 1.04, I’m 99% sure I would have noticed this before so can only assume it started today.

It’s not a bad row as the rows (or rows) of variably dimmed pixels changes from page to page.

(nb. ignore the whiter diagonal line, that was only visible to my camera and must be scanning picked up by slower frame rate)

Anyone else got this problem or have I got a faulty display ? :-/

I wonder if this is normal too, I’ve only had my DT for about 3 days but mine already did this at OS 1.02.
The lines always line up with something else on the screen like the line of the envelope or the bottom of a row of values. If you move the sustain (n this case) you will see that the lines actual move up/down.

it looks like yours does that too and I think I’ve seen a video (by Cuckoo if I remember correctly) where a closeup of the screen showed the same behaviour.

I too am interested in other people’s experience with this…

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That’s comforting in a way. Thanks. Yes it does always line up. Perhaps the total power usage for that row determines the brightness so seeing some gradient in the pixel rows.

It’s just weird I hadn’t noticed before today.

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I was a bit worried that I received a faulty unit (after having loads of bad experiences with brand new gear from other brands).

Like you said, it is comforting that someone else noticed the same. I just hope we don’t have faulty units since I find it hard to imagine that no one ever noticed this or started a discussion about it before now…

Ah well there you go…it’s a thing according to above thread I got moved to.

Mine has the exact same line under the SMP too!

It looks a little less obvious than mine, its the straight lines, especially from the sustain graphic that causes it, the less straight lines there are the less ghosting. If you look at the the adverts they have it set up with lots of angles to lessen the effect.

In my own line of work, if a display looked that bad, it would not pass QC. I wonder if Elektron got a bad batch of display modules or underspecified a PMIC.

I am on the waiting list for the next batch to arrive at Sweetwater. I will watch for this when I get my own unit.


I have these lines as well. Are we the minority or is this normal? I would’ve guessed more people would have replied here. Is it that only a few units are affected or that this doesn’t bother the majority of users?

Curious because I’m wondering if I should exchange mine.

Same thing on my DT. Aren’t they all the same ?

Mine has the same issues as listed above. I’m on 1.03 still.

FWIW I have noticed this dimmer lines or ‘ghosting’ on the main YouTube tutorials as well.

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When I got my digitakt it had grey ghosting lines visable on the left of the sceen and I came online and read that this was “normal” so I ignored it. Since then it has got a little worse and is easily noticed from a couple of meters away from the screen, if there are any straight lines. When I look at elektron adverts for digitakt I cant see any ghosting at all in the close up, if I set mine up the same it obvious from the same range.
I try to ignore it but its so ugly and the thought in my head is that if the promo model looks ok from close range then why does mine look so bad?, I was reading a thread earlier about the screen protector and taking it off and in my case I have left it on as a clearer screen means more obvious grey lines to look at, crisp it may be but there is no way elektron would use a photo of my digitakt screen as an advert, they would be embarrased.
I suppose what I need to know is if there are big differences in the quality of screens, I love my digitakt and probably wont sell it but on the other hand I dont want to be lumbered with an ugly batch digitakt thats worth less further down the road. So does anyone have a digitakt with a mild case of ghosting or are they all the same?.