Digitone portamento?


SH-101: Definitely the best implementation of portamento on a synth


Our underlying system for voice allocation is quite complex and clever, but it also made portamento difficult to implement and had to be put on hold. But I hear you loud and clear and hope that we can bring you this soon. As always, can’t promise anything but it is high on our list of things to fix.

If you’re up for it, you can do slides manually with the use of an LFO though. I know it’s a tedious workaround, but at least it’s something.

I like to use a squarewave LFO on TRG mode, Speed set to 0.01 and Mult to 1 (no bpm sync) - this will make it so that the LFO is basically an offset/adder. Set destination to Pitch All.
To slide from a lower note, set fade to however long you want the slide to be, and depth to -n, or +n for slide from higher note. NOTE (heh) that Depth +1 is a semitone (iirc)

(And to do slides without triggering a note, like a 303 etc - put a trigless lock on the grid, use the Depth for whichever note you want to slide to and then lock LFO.T to On on the Trig page. (it needs to be locked even if it’s on by default, it causes the trigless to trigger the LFO)

Hope that’s at least a little bit helpful.

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Here is a perfect vid I have found on youtube of how to do some slides


Would this mean slides would be more easily possible to implement on the digitakt? Nudge nudge… I want slides there also.


Slides/bends would be awesome on the DT


Any news on this? Sort of an essential function.


also curious if this will ever come to the digitone. or any kind of slide for p-locked parameters. getting all science lab with fine tuning and p-locking LFOs is not a viable alternative for basic synth functions. the Waldorf Blofeld has polyphonic portamento so I don’t see where voice allocation is a blocker ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Portamento PLease!!!


Hear, hear! The main reason I haven’t bought one already. It would make the difference for me.


This video is great but not a practical way to make music IMO :slight_smile: by the time you get the slides going my inspiration totally gone!


no legato or portamento yet?


Pleeeease please please pretty please!

With cherries on top!


yeah, portamento would be sweet. Do you think it doesn’t have it because of voice stealing?


“Hello, it’s me, Digitone with portamento” - said no Digitone ever

@nilsec Yea just read a few posts up… @Ess said basically that and the video below it shows some slide programming using the LFOs…

If I recall correctly there can be 72(?) parameter locks per pattern, if you’re just doing one page of locks for note slides using the LFO it shouldn’t take too much up and I don’t think I’ve ever run into a problem with parameter lock limitations but with 4 pages of variation I can definitely see it being a problem.


I have used those LFO settings to achieve what I would call the ‘pseudo’ portamento. It works, but it is definitely a hack… and it programs like one too (not intuitive at all). As others have stated, hacking it with the LFO settings can tend to juice a creative session in short order.

Simple slide setting per trig a-la 303 would take care of that along with a global glide. That is what we want!

(Resumes grovelling)


fuck yeah. I will finally buy a digitone


Would be great to have a video explaining portamento now that it is part of digitone :elephant:


Elektron added a portamento section to the manual which explains all parameters.


Somehow I am too dumb??? I activated it but when I play its playing all polyphonic notes. There is no switch to turn it mono!? What am I ding wrong!? Thanks for any pointer…


Change your voice settings to lock it to a single voice if you want monophonic. The digitone portamento is cool in that it works for chords as well as mono lines.