Digitone portamento?


I think I’ve strictly used the 101 triggered by my 909’s rimshot, that sequencer is so lovely.


Huh, I didn’t realize that Digitone was lacking this as well as Digitakt, figured it was a must have feature in a modern synth unit. I guess that means there is hope that they both get it implemented. I’ve found lfo glides not too hard to use although you do give up the lfo for a brief time to actually make the glide work.


What parameters do you have to use on the lfo to make to slide?


Well I only have experience on the Digitakt so I’m not sure if this will work on the Tone or not but basically you set the lfo to tune, the mode to trigger half, select a ramp wave and then use depth and speed to select how much and how fast you want it to get there (negative speed will give you a downwards slide). You can use the fade to adjust the curve of the slide and multiply pretty low. You want to assign these settings to a triggerless trig right after the note you play and then when it reaches the other note you want have another triggerless trig with the new note assigned to it and have the lfo go back to doing what every you had it doing. It is a lot of work but it does give more control than a general portamento mode would.


Not a digitone owner (what the hell am I doing here) but I use note pitch on the Digitakt and it works great. Though not exactly a portamento, still it bends


For now as a workaround you can use the LFO with trigless trigs to lock the pitch value. Its a bit of work but if you set the speeds right and use the right wave for what you wanna do you can glide between notes. It would be nice to have an extra plockable glide parameter. That way you could have some meta glide going on with the LFO and do tremolos on top of glides etc. - I am also missing a plockable ARP! Been whinging about it since the MnM came out! Is this a hardware limitation? Why not make ARP rates lockable?? I just don’t get it. Also: Please make Ctrl-All recordable! :smiley:


yeah this really seems like something that should be in the digitone


In general, it would be nice to have more control over the tune parameters. Not only portamento, but also just fine tune


Those blank spaces remind me of the ghost item boxes in Super Mario World… gotta unlock them so they show up lol


Still no portamento, plockable ARP as well as recordable Ctrl-All? C’mon guys its summer! We need some upgrades! Get back to that cellar and code us some awesome stuff! :slight_smile: We know you’re working hard on overbridge but we need that stuff to happen. This is a real roadblock for some genres of music on the Digitone.


I doubt we’ll ever see a plockable ARP – this has been begged for since the release of the analog four mk1


Apparently the arp is saved in a sound and you can then plock sounds to step and they will play the associated arp. A kinda work around for plocking the arp.

Discussed here briefly (even though the post says digitakt, they are talking digitone)


The problem with plocking arp settings in Sounds is that the Sounds feature is a complete PITA to use. To make a bunch of variations of a particular sound, then save them, then load them into the project, then apply the plocks, it’s all quite tedious and feels unnecessary.


i need this big time


A modern 700€ digital synth without portamento is like…is like… I’m speechless.

Such a basic thing… Tzzz


Started a new thread on 1.10 saying: You guys forgot to add portamento…

Got merged here by a moderator…


when will the digitone become a musical instrument? (we need slide)

7 × OS Update



Any update Elektron?
It would be so cool!! :exploding_head:


the machine is long enough now … give us a update please. dont listen to the marketing folks who say wait for its anniversary or namm or whatever… comon’ we need it now.