Digitone portamento?


Checking the digitone manual seems it lacks portamento. Can anyone confirm?


couldn’t find it on the machine either. looks like the only option you have is working with the LFO to control the pitch, with trigless trigs for example. pretty uncomfortable workaround in my opinion.


yeah thats a shame


Agreed, I asked for it in feature requests thread, 2 controls 1 for rate (0=none) 1 for time, then p-locking swoopy glides will be a joy, LFO to operator ratio for sparkly sparkle glides etc.

But yes portamento was always a mainstay on the old DX/TX so I’d be highly surprised if Elektron don’t add it, the 2 blank spaces are already there…


Wow, a definite no go for me! Was going to order but now I’ll hold off till they update it…

C’mon Elektron, who releases a FM synth without portamento??? Ok Korg did with the volca but you should’ve learned from their mistake…


I thought everybody loved the Volca?


Not this guy, don’t like any of them…


I’ve never messed with any of the Volcas. I suppose starting out with Elektron products has made me a bit of a hardware elitist.

A shame though- because I can’t really AFFORD to be a hardware elitist


Yeah, this would have been nice; or even a dedicated note slide function like on the A4.


I’m sure it will be added later. I think they were aiming for more poly features instead of mono features. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get added.

I hope slide features are addressed in the DT and DN too


I tried a subtle approach https://twitter.com/daren_ager/status/959456549931507713 :rofl:


What’s FAO?


For attention of :wink:


Wouldn’t mind a glissando option, either. But if I had to choose between the two, portamento would win


How the hell can you have both a portamento rate and a time setting at the same time? :slight_smile:


I hope he sees the funny slide, er I mean side.


Adjust the time knob


Rate is same no matter how far the notes are apart, time is proportional to the note span.

Edit: Rate would be used to set depth (0 being no portamento) then time adds the offset, increasing time proportionaly to note span, and it could be bi-polar so that if negative far notes take less time than close notes.

Edit2: Perhaps depth and offset/key follow would be better descriptors. On a monophonic part this idea is not terribly useful perhaps, but for chords it would be interesting.


Glad people finally noticed, 4op fm without porta is like fries without mayo!


Hm. Sounds complex.

Wouldn’t it instead be simpler to have a toggle to switch between a “fixed rate” and a “fixed time” mode where the label of the knob changes between “RATE” and “TIME” depending on the setting of that toggle?

Fixed rate would mean that the time to transition between notes varies with the interval between the notes; the greater the interval, the longer the transition time.

Fixed time would mean that the time required to transition between the notes is always constant regardless of the interval between the notes.

The toggle could also have a “no glide” option so that you can p-lock between “no glide”, “rate glide”, and “time glide”.