Digitone portamento?


Hypothesis: The team at Elektron couldn’t decide on the best way to implement glide and portamento, so they decided to leave it out of the first release.

Fixed rate? Fixed time? Both? A per step slide on/off toggle? Or rather legato (glide applied for overlapping notes) or a way to apply portamento to all notes as well? Per-operator glide? Aargh!


Haha, well yeah any implementation is fine by me - ain’t no such thing as bad portamento :wink:


bad portamento is portamento that doesnt work on sequenced notes :wink:


You mean like for example a sequencer that won’t allow notes to overlap to facilitate glide? I agree, that is very very bad :joy:


more like only implemented as performance option, but it won’t affect sequenced notes.


Cornflakes without milk!


There’s a LEN parameter in there, so you can create overlapping notes to which portamento could be applied.


I think I actually just really want a simple glide option. Just used to calling it portamento because thats what its called on my 101. And thats been with me since 86…


I fear it may be problematic to implement in an ecosystem with the hierarchy of P-locks though


Your 101 can apply portamento to all notes, or only to notes that overlap. That’s what that Auto/Off/On slider is for. :slight_smile:


I think my TX81Z cannot? Auto was useful for the 101 but I still mostly just prefered to turn it on or off :slight_smile: With polyphonic porta like on the TX it was a no brainer. More on than off. And never auto :slight_smile:


Ah I think it did do it, is that the fingered porta? never used it tbh.


Yeah fingered porta. Quite a few synths have it, and sequencers that don’t allow notes to overlap can’t utilise it…


My main fear is they implement it like the joystick on the AK. Not being able to record it is such a pita.

And full porta. so many great records, Chez n Trent’s Forever monna, tons of Green Velvet and Jay Denham, D Knox, feels like when it was fm, it was full porta between 90-95. Even i did a full album with the TX on full on literally EVERY track.

Oh and did I mention Eddy flashing Fowlkes yet? He liked his porta :slight_smile:


Sorry getting carried away a bit :slight_smile:


I don’t have an AK for reference, but wouldn’t the joystick be for pitch bend?


yes but the sequencer doesnt record it, that was my point. It’s strictly for performance duties.


It’s unfortunate, but I don’t think there’s anything that could be done about it. Live recording of knob movements is quantized, so it’s not as if they had set a precedent there. In the end it’s a clever step sequencer, and though you can nudge trigs +/-196ppq, you can’t actually record or access 195 of those other parts. I don’t think the sequencer really has the resolution to accurately record anything other than note events.


Plocks above porta, thats my fear.


Auto is especially nice together with the sequencer. With it you can have notes without glide and with in the same sequence by using ties for the notes you want to glide.