Digitone OS 1.20


Hmm, thinking about it, adding random plocks to trigs sounds like a great idea :diddly:


That’s a question for this thread:


I am very happy about this update. OB in Ableton rocks.
The screensaver is also a very pleasant surprise, because I use the DN as primary soundcard . The screens stays off when changing the volume - that’s a big plus!


Can somebody verify if it is now also possible to use the apegiator for external midi out?

Update looks great and loads of bugs seems to be fixed, Thanks @Elektron and have great weekend at SB.

I hope to visit cenk’s new man cave in Berlin soon!


It’s not listed but some changes to the bootstrap were being tested in private beta. Can’t confirm if they made it to public release but mine has been good since.


What daw are you using.

This is a quick tutorial I did with the rytm. It’s the same process with all ob plugins.


Not possible on my Digitone even with 1.20OS


Alright, my bad I got that pretty fucked up :blush:

But what does this mean then?:
“Implemented reload Page parameters functionality. ([PAGE] + [NO])”
I see no change when making that shortcut.


I wish it could do non-linear portamento. Like the SH101. Still gratefull we have it though!


Hmm Im not at the office so I cant check it now. But I have a sneaky feeling there is an error there. I think it should say "Implemented reload [PARAMETER] page parameters. ([PARAMETER] key + [NO])”.
Thanks for the heads up. I will look in to it :slight_smile:


Can we have this for the A4 too please?


“man cave” :expressionless:


I found a minor bug, when I save the project via shortcut (FUNC + Save Proj) track buttons automatically turn to Mute mode (but Mute mode button is off), then I press FUNC again and it turns back to default mode. Not very important but a bit annoying.

Digitone 1.2_ bugs discussion

Oh, nice surprise in 1.20, that I totally missed while reading the release notes the first time:

“Added support for playing chords with external MIDI keyboard/controller.”



Loving this new update, especially the Overbridge plugin. It’s making patch design a much quicker process!

I’ve encountered a bug I can’t seem to replicate, to do with the arpeggiator. Sometimes it “resets” to a one step long arp, with no trigs enabled, and as a result, no notes sound at all. Anyone else experiencing this?


This seriously wasn’t a feature before 1.20? I hooked up a keyboard to the DN for the first time yesterday, I must’ve lucked out.


I think that’s referring to the chord mode, rather than just being able to play polyphonic? I’m not sure, I’ve never actually used it haha


That was my second guess but if that were the case it’d just be a single note MIDI input anyway.

That’s why I was wondering.


Not sure what went wrong, but after the update my Digitone seems to have astronomically high volume levels. I can’t really put it more than a quarter of the way up on the volume knob before it gets loud. If I play demo pattern 1 “Feelin It”, then stop it and turn the volume up, there is an incredible amount of hiss noise. If I play any other pattern it goes away. Anyone else notice a huge spike in volume? Btw, this applies to both the headphone out as well as the left/right outs.


noticed this too but was not sure.