Digitone OS 1.20


Wouldn’t function + no do the full reload?


:slight_smile: trank you!


Yes but this is the new control all revert feature and I can confirm that it only reverts the current page and not every control-all tweaks. If you keep holding the MIDI button and go back to the different pages you were tweaking and press NO they will revert to their default state (but actually not fully on some tracks). Func+No reverts fully and tracks may be muted so it’s not the same.


I’m confused about the difference between some of these:

Implemented Control All revert functionality ( [MIDI] + [NO] ).

Added functionality to randomize page parameters. [PARAMETER] + [YES] to randomize. [PARAMETER] + [NO] to reset PARAMETER page to its last saved state.

Implemented reload track Sound functionality. ( [NO] + [T1-4] )

Implemented reload Page parameters functionality. ( [PAGE] + [NO] )

Wasn’t there already a ctrl-all revert? And some of these sound too similar to each other. Guess I’ll need to try them all out hands on.


My bad, I misinterpreted this screenshot as 5 assignments for one knob rather than listing all the assignments 1:1 in one screen.



Now in order to stream those individual track outs in Ableton, does my sound card have to be set to the Digitone? I see no option in the Digitone VST to select which channel it’s steaming audio from, as far as I can tell.


Has this update fixed the dsp boot errors?


According to the changelog: no :frowning:


Oh man… Multimap makes it hard to resist buying a Digitone.


I’m testing the new firmware and have not able to recreate the DSP Boot Failure issue.
Email from elektron just now says “Have you updated your unit to OS 1.20? In most cases, this will remedy the issue. If not then we will have to take in for repairs.”

Why this wasn’t included in the change log, or addressed earlier in the forums when people have been asking this, is beyond me… But it appears it should be fixed now.


this sounds fun!
"You can also randomize the parameter settings on a specific PARAMETER page on a
Synth track. Press [PARAMETER] key + [YES] to randomize the parameters on that page.
Every time you press this key combination, the parameters randomizes in a new way. Press
[PARAMETER] key + [NO] to reset the PARAMETER page to its last saved state.


(Edit - I was wrong here:) Randomize doesn’t work as written in the manual. You can’t randomize a single parameter. It’s Page+YES that randomises that page which is better. Page+NO to revert to last saved state.

No the new revert feature is supposed to revert the control-all tweaks with no need to let go of the MIDI button but the previous Reload Pattern completely reloads the pattern including muted tracks.


Of course it does work as described. It’s just a little bit misleading how it is written.

“[PARAMETER] key” means parameter page button, because there are no other keys for parameters (encoders are no keys).



Hmm …where does it say in the manual that you can randomize a specific parameter? Just tell me where you found this and I will correct this error :slight_smile:


Can you randomise per step / is it p-lockable? Not tried yet


I interpreteted this in the same way. Perhaps you could say * You can also randomize ALL parameter settings on a specific PARAMETER PAGE on a Synth track. Press [PARAMETER PAGE] key + [YES] to randomize ALL parameters on that page. Randomize does not randomize individual parameters. *


oeh, that’s a good idea actually! i don’t think you can right now, but would be cool to press trig+yes in the recording section to insert a total random trig


I´ve seen when I go to the LFO page, the A encoder automatically activates, showing the list of destinations for the first LFO. This is the only moment when it happens.


Thanks for the feedback. I will go and make a little rewrite there to make things more clear :slight_smile:


I haven’t tested it yet bet you can probably parameterlock certain parameters on a step and use the randomize function to randomize the general sound settings for that parameter page leaving the parameterlocked parameters intact. Not the same, kind of the other way around but this could possibly yield some interesting results.

…damn, I hope I’ll have time this weekend to spend some quality time with my DN :heart_eyes: