Digitone OS 1.20



1.20 adds new features, improvements and bugfixes.

This includes:

  • Portamento
  • Multi-map
  • Parameter randomize
  • Support for sustain pedals
  • Support for overbridge plugins

For a full list of fixes and changes, check the release notes.

Download here


very happy to read!




SBNK FTW! :content:






this is tremendous.


portamento and randomizer is neat AF!!! :star_struck:


parameter randomizer. best news since OT trig conditions!


Added support for Overbridge plugin.

Bring on the Overbridge plugin!! :smiley:




Other than portamento actually really happy about:

Improved Ratio B parameter scaling to enhance control when editing the parameter.

Implemented reload track Sound functionality


I love you.


Amazing stuff, what’s the multi-map feature? Would love a new version of the manual :slight_smile:


Just installed the new OS… Keys was released which I won’t be getting…

Time to make music again!


never mind, a bit of over excitement standing in the way of logical thinking :slight_smile:



website is breaking


Multi map !!! Thx a lot for this


MIDI LFO is not sync again, i mean i use it to control a filter Freq on digitakt (track 7) with SPEED at 8, Multi at BPM 1, no Fade, start phaze 0 and in Free mode.

but it’s not sync