Digitone feature requests!


Long thread my bad if it’s already been said. Would love to have “drum mode” where you can play back all the sounds in the sound pool as one shots across the buttons. I think A4 has something like this but can’t quite remember what it’s called. Other than the occasional DSP boot failure this machine is pretty much the most immediate and fun groove box I’ve used. And it’s the best sounding synth I’ve maybe ever heard.



That would be awesome, never thought of it!



I had this idea last night as well. Even a feature where you can “set” all of the trigs to have a sound lock on them, so you can change the track sound and add new trigs, then set those sound locks and change track sound again… if that makes any sense?


Would be very helpful indeed! In fact I have suggested the exact same thing for Octatrack a while back.
I’d love to jam freely with 16 FM drums!


It’s possible on the Octatrack using the SLOTS or SLICES trig modes:

Not sure if it also extends to external MIDI input though…


Yes slot mode would be the Octa equivalent. On that note Digitakt also needs a slot mode (wrong thread, I know)


Not exactly. Here (I assume) we were talking about Digitones sound pool presets mapped out on the 16 trig keys which would then mean that the settings were different for all 16 keys. The Slots mode on Octatrack only lets you trigger samples live without any individual parameter settings since the settings for any parameter are per track. Only when entered manually as PLocks they will have different settings.

Here’s the detailed description of what I earlier suggested:


Ah yeah, I did think of that… but that’d require a big change in the functionality of the OT, which I think is very unlikely since the DT has this already (well, kinda).


It’s just another trig mode and it happens anyway when the PLocks are played back so I think it’s possible to program. Would be very very helpful and much faster to make sound design. Anyway, I hope we’ll see these for both machines :star_struck:


I 've never had the opportunity to work with the bigger Elektron boxes, but I’m very familiar with the “isolate” concept which is a fundamental feature in today’s professional digital mixers I work with on a daily basis. It’s so obvious in that context to isolate parameter pages so that they remain untouched during the show when recalling console cues (it’s absolutely no different from any other digital device like Digitones or Digitakts or whatever, basically it’s a just an array of saved parameters to be recalled). One would never want the main graphic EQ of the Front of House PA to revert to init state when recalling a cue. So on these desks everything can be isolated. It’s a flag. “If flagged, leave param value alone”. A kit, a sound, a filter, a mixer, all are just subsets of parameters applied to box’s algorithms. So if Elektron is listening…:wink:

Ext inputs isolate?

Effects track.
And transposing with a keyboard.


And what is the price difference of the pro digi mixer vs the price of the DN? :wink:


That’s not the question. There are entry level digital mixers on the market that are not that much above price of the Digiboxes, and have those features (we can’t do without). Maybe it’s useful to remind that we are talking about CODE, not hardware. Some functionalities require lots of CPU power, or memory, that’s not the case here. We are not asking for, let’s say, independant reverbs and delays for each sound. There are hardware limitations. But what we are discussing here is a concept that doesn’t use up many ressources but would add a lot of creative potential, so it’s worth considering, IMHO


I would loooooove to be able to set a per-track clock division.


+1 for Retrig.

random arp.
custom Arp have set scales.



I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but I would really appreciate an easier way to identify banks and patterns especially when using midi to change them. I needed to set up an extensive cheat sheet in order to know how to recall everything in my rig (Elektron isn’t the only company that has difficult-to-grasp naming comventions, s and all the weirness adds up in the end). To recall bank F pattern 2 we must hit key #6 then key #2, or send midi PC 81 . A bit of consistency would be cool here. For MkII please label the lower row keys fro A to H on the front panel. And for a FW update, please implement Bank Change and ProgramChange instead of us needing to resort to a calculator. I seriously don’t have the brains to instantly know that pattern F-02 needs PC81. MS Excel doesn’t exist as a VST plugin yet.


Song mode.

That’s literally all I need.

Please for the love of God let me love this instrument.


me too


A user in another thread has complained about that it isn’t possible to p-lock FX parameters. It makes sense, because they are master effects, but it would be great if the Digitone (i guess it would be useful for the Digitakt, too) has some kind of “master fx track” with p-locks dedicated for effect parameter p-locking, which are independent from the four voice tracks.

Also, ramp up and ramp down curves for the LFOs would be great.
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You can mess with the master FX using CC.
You can either go thru out to and back from your DAW (if you wanna filter midi and avoid loop). Or loop back.

LFO: there is ramp down. If you wanna ramp up, invert it with negative value.