Digitone feature requests!


Please Elektron, how bout a sound pack dedicated to drums and percussion… The digitone is simply amazing… It lacks one key feature though…Saving chained patterns…


Yes. A drum/percussion sound pack for the digitone would be amazing.


Project-wide external midi setups that can be overridden by a pattern but if not explicitly overridden are shared and updated by all patterns in the project.


Oh yeah, this would be a good one. Having an entire project dedicated to using with one specific machine, with each MIDI track set to a global setting by default, would be very useful!

I’ll keep this in mind for the sound pack I’m working on! I’m doing digital/precision sounds for my first pack so it’ll naturally include a lot of tight percussion sounds.


I’m looking foward to hearing this sound pack. The metallic sound of FM synthesis could make for some amazing cymbals and hi-hats.


In some sounds I can hear clicks on the beginning…


One day later and a free sound pack dedicated to drums/percussion sounds got released by elektron :slight_smile:


that was quick


(Polyphonic!) Note and parameter slides would open things right up.

Also, additional operator ratios and algorithms would be awesome.


I’m finally starting to eye a Digitone in the near future. Has there been any discussion about “unlocking” the Frequency ratios? If I understand correctly, they have limited the options in order to make FM easier to work with. I like this feature but would also like to turn it off to really dive deep into the world of FM.
I own a Yamaha TX81z that is both great sounding but difficult to program due to the user interface and would love to move on to a DT without sacrificing the full FM range.


that’s what I need right now…


maybe B ratios (or all of them) could be a pop-up menu where you can scroll with more precision and navigate with up/down arrow keys.

Rytm suffers from the same problem with the UI for the different configurations of operators on the DVCO machine, and would benefit from a similar solution.

really, any list that has more than 16 (or something - this could be figured out through user experience research, which I’m sure elektron invests in to some degree) items should be navigable with higher precision than a single encoder operating on a non-dropdown / non-popup list


That’s what the detune operator is for.


I’d love to have MIDI control of Fill mode, so I can switch it on and off with a footswitch


When in the note menu for a sound locked trig, it would be reeeeeally useful if the keyboard played the locked sound instead of the track sound.
I’m trying to tune a kickdrum here, and it’s practically guesswork. (I know I can hold the trig and press the up and down keys, but I’m a tune-by-ear guy, so I’d like to be able to play it on the keyboard and hear what note I’m entering using the sound I intend.)


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cool, I’ll have to check that out.


When DN controlled by a midi controller it will be great to see the change of the parameter value. For the moment, we just can see on the DN screen the parameter movement but the value is not displayed, only the parameter name.



I really really really would love some way to adjust parameters by whole numbers instead of having to turn the encoder super slowly. Ultimately it doesn’t affect sound too much, but for precise parameters like LFO depth it’s currently very difficult to get nice whole number values!


You can make this holding the FUNC button when turning the encoder, but only for some numbers.