Digitone feature requests!


Thank you for the hints, you’re totally right. I was to tired to notice the saw curve. Regarding the FX control, absolutely, CC from the Octatrack should work out nicely. Time to come home to give it a try. :sunglasses:


Arp for MIDI tracks please! My Sub Phatty wants to sing.


All the above mentioned plus:

-stable OS with no more freezing or weird behaviour
-deeper synthesis with OB? (more alg, more env, etc)
-overall Gate Time!
-mini mixer with faders like on A4


Oh and some randomizer for patterns!


Nah, I don’t think they’ve got this in mind at all… :roll_eyes:


It has never freeze on me, maybe I haven’t used it hard enough? I’ve gotten the annoying DSP boot failure error when turning it on around 10 times since I got it though.


I would have returned it after the 2nd or 3rd boot failure.


Since I’m a programmer, I get things after a couple of patches to avoid problems (e.g. I update my laptop’s OS at least after the first patch releases are out). But in this case I got the Digitone on release, so I was prepared for some frustration. On the other hand, with the Digitakt, I got one after all major bugs were patched. I guess it’s a matter of expectations.


I would like MIDI CC’s for the Arp page, and perhaps a “Request All CCs” command like on the OT


Midi control over fill mode please! And over next and previous pattern. Guitar players will be grateful to be able to play a lick or two in between button-click storms


(Well, not specifically just for Digitone…)

-Plus and minus trigs.
-> trigs that add or subtract from parameter values.

-iOS overbridge

  • New LFO Mode: “transport/track”, currently it’s either free-running or note-based. Would be nice if it could start with the pattern/sequence.
  • Option to apply new Scale/Key settings to all tracks.
  • Forward incoming Pitchbend/Modwheel messages to OUT (doesn’t matter if the machine can’t handle or record it, but in a chain this “roadblock” is really annoying, just let it through and never filter it out, unless PB/MW knob in SRC is activated for that channel)
  • Automatically preview sounds while scrolling down the list. Pressing FN+YES every time is tedious. You could detect fast scrolling and disable it temporarily to save RAM from being flooded, but if i go slow, tapping DOWN arrow one by one, it would be nice if the sound would trigger itself.
  • Would be nice if we could modulate/trig “Transpose”.


Your first request is possible.


Parameter locking for arp settings.




I like the different arp resolutions because I can program trap style hi hats that way. I just realized a work around could be to have multiple versions of the same patch, with different arp resolutions and just sample flip them.


Hello folks, would it be possible to achieve the microtuning function (like the Yamaha synthesizers) to have many types of Middle Eastern musical styles scale? I want something of different than the equal temperment

Let me know,


Elektron have never implemented tuning tables/scales in any of their synths


Microtuning on the Digitone would make it the master FM ruler of the new world !!!


It would be helpful to have some indication of the current position of the arp.

On the Analog 4, when in the arp setup menu, the arp’s active trigs light halfway, and the trig currently active in the arp lights fully. This wouldn’t work on the digitone as the trigs are the keyboard, but maybe there is another way.

Perhaps on the digitone, the position markers on the bottom of the arp page could be animated. Filling in the centre of the active step if it is default open, or opening it if it is the 1st, 5th, 9th, or 13th step of the arp sequence.