Digitone (DN+DT) only music

i love DN too :slight_smile:

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Oh, I see. So the chord changes were not sequenced, but played in? Is that right?

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Yeah that is great and the way it should be. M:C’s retrig unfortunately doesn’t start synced.

(Still on OT you can set trig quantization to 16th notes so it should start synced that way, right?)

Apparently not in live conditions. Toothpick workaround

Improv only DN + Reverb


My post didn’t generate any engagement so posting in the thread instead:

This is one of my Twitch live streams. Before I played two Digitone only livesets at work, this stream is similar to those but adds a Digitakt for more improvisation.

Connections are pretty simple:

  • Digitone sends clock to Digitakt
  • Digitakt sends audio to Digitone
  • Digitone sends audio to Interface

Video is quite primitive:

  • Old laptop with integrated camera using OBS to stream and record video to hard drive.

Set structure:

  • Digitone with 8 main patterns plus 3 transition ones, the rest of the transitions are just moving to the next pattern. Basic drum sounds are presets, the rest is mostly my own sounds.
  • Digitakt is used as a drum machine with 909 samples and it’s programmed on the fly for extra percussion.
  • The last 30 minutes are improvisation with modifications over the last pattern until it becomes something different.
  • To keep things moving in the Digitone patterns I use muting-unmuting, playing with the FM parameters and filter, changing envelopes, changing effect settings, adding steps on the fly, changing steps to have random probability and p-locking steps on the fly.
  • To make the most out of Digitone tracks, there’s typically sound-locking of the bass drum to use the rest of the track for a different sound, some tracks have the trick of microtiming a step all the way back to make two sounds almost at the same time.
  • To keep things moving in the Digitakt, I create patterns on the fly, mute-unmute, add p-locks, add random probability to steps, change tuning and effects.

Future steps:

  • Improve transitions, maybe adding some looping device? Octatrack seems useful.
  • Improve video recording. Need to find an external webcam, also improving lighting probably helps to increase video quality.
  • Come up with new tracks, I’ve been playing these ones for a few months so it would be good to rotate.

Even though there other 2 other instruments, they’re both going through the Digitone inputs so technically this is still Digitone only! :stuck_out_tongue:

Some warbly lofi Sunday vibes:


Hi folks. Did a slightly scrappy console gamey hiphop jam on the Digitone (main mix output through a compressor).


it‘s so nice isn‘t it?
I played with it the whole week after not touching it for a while and was reminded how great it sounds. my fav elektron with the OT so far

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Yep. Stand with OT+DN planned, with some other gear above.


I’m thinking about a digitakt again, just because they fit together so nicely :slight_smile:
But it’s not reasonable, OT does all I need from the DT

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DN (+Audacity)


Just an idea…

Maybe I’ll develop later.


Very nice! I’ve been eyeing a Volante myself to pair with the Digitone, so this is perfect!

Can you use it to saturate the sound a bit?

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Great, beautiful and spacey :sunrise:
I really like that lead bass.

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I’d got today, so I haven’t got much time to test, but I understood the wears and mechanics controls add artifacts like pitch fluctuations and drive… but they are so subtle fx, even if you go to max. and I think the saturation is a little bit.
Anyway I like so much that kind of subtle fx on the sound. I don’t regret for the moment, that is what I searched it.

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Thank you very much! The Volca Keys does a wonderful job on basslines! :slight_smile:

Nice, looking forward to hear/see more! :+1:

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Acidish test, 1 bar pattern.


I guess for saturation tape, it’s more specific strymon deco, if you look for true saturation tape sound. Volante is so far of deco saturation fx.

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