Digitone (DN+DT) only music

Since there’s a topic like this for the Digitakt, I thought there should be a Digitone one as well.

Here’s something I whipped up the other night. Digitone only.


Nice one! And nice to see you here J3rk.

I’ve gotten into a dark techno thing with the Digitone recently.

(Please excuse the shitty Instagram audio codec…)


nice !

Not hearing any audio, Simon, but that’s a nice pic!


Really loving this box! (and the DT+DN combo)

@Ess, I’ll check that out as soon as I’m not at work. (Instagram is blocked…) I was about to embark on some techno ideas myself!

Great idea and that’s a really fine track :clap:
I would buy this machine just for the drums! Boy, am I looking forward to buy this next month!

Nice track !!! Love it !!!

Digitone snow proof?

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Here is one I did the other day. Some of the drum sounds were sampled into the DT and played fron it, but only because I ran out of tracks.


That’s an excellent idea. It would definitely save needing to lock all of the percussion in. :slight_smile:

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very nicely detuned :grinning:


Little interpretation of the song ‘Light Through The Veins’ by Jon Hopkins using only the Digitone. Hope you guys like it :wink:


power pack prototype?

Very Mills.


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I´d like to suggest that we have a own “DT + DN only” “challenge” thread, vs. “DN only” Music .
Which would have been the topic here if taking things from the picky side.
anyway interested to see the “DT+ DN only” comeouts happen in masses. :wink:
would deserve a own thread, IMO.

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I’m totally fine with that! The DT+DN combo is one of the most fun hardware sets I’ve ever used. (though I’ll be tossing in a touch of Blofeld here and there now that they’re all on the same desk) :slight_smile:

Where’s the rest? I’m pretty sure it’s illegal in EU to cut off tracks like that, right when the bears about to drop.

Edit: the beats!..Bears would’ve been fun as well though.


The bear-drop, as it’s commonly referred to is an essential part of all electronic music. If you’re not dropping bears, your music needs work! :face_with_monocle:


A little techno sketch from last night. There’s a touch of Blofeld (just the chord and one of the two distorted things that comes in later. The rest is Digitone. I actually wanted to use the Digitakt as well, but didn’t have a place to put it at the time. (was laying in bed :smiley: )


The EQing is a little funny, but I didn’t have much time to play with it.