Digitone (DN+DT) only music

Random pad

1 bar
T1 Drums
T2 Pad


Was going for a dub of all the bugs at once:

  • Levels way different in overbridge
  • Hung notes (nassty glitchy cymbal)
  • Clicks as far as the ear can hear
  • Timing going off the rails when changing per-track scale whilst sync’d to DAW
  • And the machine full-hung at the end of the recording

Digitone alone:

What a wild ride! 10/10 - would go again.

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Interesting glitchy bugs. :content:
Did you add some variations to the Reverb? Maybe full wet? Apparently short with pre…

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Reverb near default settings, a little extra on the tail. But I was running Digitone into an expander that was dragging the tails up as well. Had to do a lot to try and get levels up - raw audio coming in through overbridge is absurdly quiet (well documented elsewhere on the forum - though it’s my personal opinion that it’s maybe a bit depth bug and not ‘such-wow just lots of headroom’).

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This is one Sound (in fact, one Trig on the first Step of T1) of the Digitone evolving slowly into its (Over)Drive(s).
I wanted to show another side of this Wonderful Machine.
The Digitone can had layers of complexity to one Sound.
Cinematic, Weird Ambience.
Music for Headphones.


@tchu, how is it evolving ?

Less subtle, max overdrive test ! :pl:


Is it a real question?

Sure! Curious about how you make this track evolving. :content:
I plan to make another version of my above random pad, 1 track, 1 bar, generative with Trcs and random lfos.

Here’s the Recipe.
And tweaking the Master Overdrive and the Amp Drive slowly changes the Harmonics of the Sound.
But the best ingredient of this Recipe is LEN to Max in the Arp Page.

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Wow! It certainly is unsettling. I’m going to try this out tonight!

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Thank you! Share your thoughts after.

New DN only ambient jam, processed by CooperFx Generation Loss, Montreal Assembly Count to 5 and an old Alesis Quadraverb (which really shines at the end of the track, IMO).


All sounds from DN, no ext processing. Orca as sequencer.


A jam with digitone, a guitar and maschine. Rock ambient. Hope you enjoy!!! All first takes except the guitar solo heheheh


Sweet !

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Thank You very much!!!

I’m not too crazy about the solo part (it’s not your fault, I have a strong antipathy for guitar solos in general :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I love the 1st half of the song, great ambient!

As a side note, is that a J Mascis Squier? I have one too, brilliant guitar!

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I like slow solos with a lot of delay :joy::joy:… When I was in a band I was the only guitarist and I did very few solos … And the ones that did had tons of delay and reverb … Anyway, thanks for listening and I’m glad you liked the first part of the video (which today is what people are going to see the most … at the end of the video you can put reggaeton that nobody will see … Mmmm I have to do that experiment someday…

Yes, a Squier J mascis!!! Great guitar!!! A classic :slight_smile:

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Me likes! Great ambient composition.

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an ambient track I made on just the Digitone.