Techno liveset using Digitone and Digitakt

Copy-paste of my Reddit post.

This is one of my Twitch live streams. Before I played two Digitone only livesets at work, this stream is similar to those but adds a Digitakt for more improvisation.

Connections are pretty simple:

  • Digitone sends clock to Digitakt
  • Digitakt sends audio to Digitone
  • Digitone sends audio to Interface

Video is quite primitive:

  • Old laptop with integrated camera using OBS to stream and record video to hard drive.

Set structure:

  • Digitone with 8 main patterns plus 3 transition ones, the rest of the transitions are just moving to the next pattern. Basic drum sounds are presets, the rest is mostly my own sounds.
  • Digitakt is used as a drum machine with 909 samples and it’s programmed on the fly for extra percussion.
  • The last 30 minutes are improvisation with modifications over the last pattern until it becomes something different.
  • To keep things moving in the Digitone patterns I use muting-unmuting, playing with the FM parameters and filter, changing envelopes, changing effect settings, adding steps on the fly, changing steps to have random probability and p-locking steps on the fly.
  • To make the most out of Digitone tracks, there’s typically sound-locking of the bass drum to use the rest of the track for a different sound, some tracks have the trick of microtiming a step all the way back to make two sounds almost at the same time.
  • To keep things moving in the Digitakt, I create patterns on the fly, mute-unmute, add p-locks, add random probability to steps, change tuning and effects.

Future steps:

  • Improve transitions, maybe adding some looping device? Octatrack seems useful.
  • Improve video recording. Need to find an external webcam, also improving lighting probably helps to increase video quality.
  • Come up with new tracks, I’ve been playing these ones for a few months so it would be good to rotate.