Digitone 1.10: bug discussion [n.b. later OS bugs topics exist]

Soon after connecting Logic ProX out to DT (V.1.10) MIDI in, my unit acquired a strange behaviour.
The trig velocity resets to zero on all channels, often enough to be a nuisance.
Opening and closing Logic projects does this every time, even in projects with no MIDI tracks.

Try this…

Had my first DSP boot failure after a few months of ownership. It seemed to accompany some sort of midi sync error where the page indicator lights were not changing at the right time - they were about 1/2 a beat delayed. This made it difficult to time stuff correctly in real time. After two resets, and also unplugging everything from it, the digitone started behaving correctly again.

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I’ve been experiencing the bug where the first step of the sequence is intermittently missed on playback. Also trying to get my head around a really strange thing; I’d sequenced patterns on it via my Octatrack, and had decided that I’d be better to write them directly onto my Digitone so that I can make use of P-locks and the like, so I manually replicated every setting per step (note length, velocity etc etc). when playing back on the DN however, the patches behave quite differently than they did when sequenced externally. Cannot for the life of me fathom why.

In my experience you will get “DSP boot” failure when you save your work and switch Digitone off immediately, without letting it wait a bit (until “loading” message disappears).

The other way how “DSP boot” message might appear is, when you switch Digitone on or off inaccurately. Like if you switch ON/OFF switch with soft finger - this switch is quite resistance and if you don’t push it strong enough, it might cause a super slight, almost unnoticeable interruption. And it may cause DSP boot error.

A hacky fix for first step getting skipped, with microtiming, move the first trig in tracks that have a trig on the first step of a sequence one click foward.

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aye, thanks - I’ll give that a bash. presume they’ll sort this in the next firmware. Odd that it never happens when externally sequenced.

Try recording the MIDI output of each sequencer (Octa vs Digi) into a MIDI monitoring software and compare them. Otherwise I’d guess it’s velocity or something but you say you set that the same.

I’ve seen the 1st note missed but I think it’s only when you first start playing the pattern, on looping it plays when expected.

Is this step „on grid” ? If it’s earlier it won’t play on first run.

it is, yes. Was grid entered, not played in.

yes, only on first occurrence

Try nudge it a little bit after “on grid”

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This is a known bug on the digitakt as well. Starting the dt or dn from any external source can cause this to happen. There are a couple of threads addressing this. But the most popular workaround until it’s fixed is the one mentioned above to nudge the first step forward slightly.

Are you starting the sequence from a DAW?

Octatrack. Working fine today. Very odd!

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Whenever stuff like that happens to me i chalk it up to user error :slight_smile:

Ha, as would I normally, but I didn’t change anything!

I think the effect knobs while at external input page send some kind of midi cc data.
I connected digitone midi out to an external synth (cheetah ms6, modded to take cc) and ms6:s audio out to the digitone ext in. When adding chorus/reverb/delay to the external in signal, it also changes the sound on the synth.

I’ve noticed a couple of times when being quite active with various controls from a performance level that I’ve had a couple of different issues.

If un-muting a track and reload pattern at the same time on a couple of occasions it has seemed as if the function button is held down once released as pressing record, play or stop copies, clears or pastes respectively. Only way out was to power cycle.

In a similar fashion when using multiple encoders to change values I got a total freeze out where the current sound hung constantly, the controls stopped working and the screen was looking half refreshed and also frozen. Also had to power cycle.

On the whole the machine seems very stable but doesn’t seem to like being pushed on occasion.

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Bummer, I’ve never had this issue with either digitone I own and I constantly max out layering, voices and parameters. Have you tired factory reset?