Arp not playing when started by OT

Very odd issue that I haven’t run into at all before. I have a pattern on my DN with an arp. When I hit play on the DN, it works totally fine. When I hit play on the OT, the arp doesn’t play and only the first note plays of it sounds, then when it cycles back around, it plays fine. It seems to only happen if the step is on trig one. If I put it on trig two, it plays fine, but if I microtime it back to hit on trig one, it won’t play again.

I have a MIDI track on the OT mapped to that one for more LFOs, but if I unmap it, it plays fine, too. This is very odd, especially since there are no steps on the OT track. Also, if I clear all the LFOs and reset the MIDI track, but keep the channel assigned, it also doesn’t play.

I’ve never experienced this one before. Any ideas?

I think I experienced something weird with first step, playing arp live with only lock trigs, no plocked notes.

The workaround was to use an additional trig on step 2 indeed, I don’t remember if I used microtiming.

I can’t elaborate, it was a few months ago…I require some investigations and I have many things to experiment on my list !

(Lock trigs for drums, activated playing arp)


Dope. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow.

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My above doesn’t seem related…but I remember something weird about first step…

I just made some tests with OT master.
With or without arp, the first step seems randomly not played on DN…:grimacing:
Apparently same behavior on all tracks…

Easier to check holding OT STOP button then press PLAY (restarts each time you press PLAY).

Works well with step 2 with ‐23 microtiming as you mentioned. I think I read about this somewhere…

Yep : seems a known bug and +1 microtiming seems a better workaround…

Digitone 1.10: bug discussion [n.b. later OS bugs topics exist] - #142 by phaelam

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I’ll have to test it again later. The microtiming didn’t work for me. I’ll see what happens and report back.

ive noticed inconsistent behaviour with my DN slaved to my OT (i.e receiving clock, pattern change, tempo etc). If i have something on the DN starting on the 1st step (not necessarily an arp) then often it will be missed until the pattern loops around, and then it will be fine. its annoying but ive just got used to it- sometimes if i stop the OT and then hit the stop button a few more times while swearing everything will then behave as it should.

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