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i just tune it by ear


Bit late to the party, but thanks so much for sharing this trick. What a fantastic slicing workaround for a MPC head like me!!!


Hold down [FUNC] key while turning LFO speed, Multiplier also Delay time knobs and values will jump between musical divisions.


Direct pattern change workaround!?
Ok this is very DIY but actually works with a little practice. Pattern 1 is playing and you have already prepared the switch to pattern 2. Before pattern 1 finishes you press the stop and play button like almost simultaniously - but the stop button one milisecond before (two fingers)… and you have made a direct pattern change. :wink:


Yes I hav plans to do something like this in Pure Data, once I get the Digitakt.

In Pure Data I will set up a command that:

  1. Stops playback.
  2. Changes to a new pattern.
  3. Starts playback again.

This will happen within a few samples.

No one will ever notices :slight_smile:


I made this one that works in Ableton Live


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