Digitakt Overbridge


Dude. No

Unless you want to try to make Overbridge 2.0 never be a thing


I dunno about a lawsuit, but I’ll trade Elektron my Digitakt for a OT mk2 if OB never comes through :D.

I dunno tho, I like my DT a lot regardless.


I can just see the the next over bridge update:

“Sorry guys overbrigde has been cancelled because we are being sued. We can no longer afford to fund the project due to legal fees.”


yeah, same. I would prefer Overbridge to what, at best… a few hundred quid and no more Elektron?

Alas, as yet not at the level where my multi-million dollar tour was jeopordised by the late release of Overbridge…



It took me a lot of effort to get the money for the Digitakt, but I bought it as soon as it was released in hopes to be able to multitrack my new album along with my A4. Naturally, I’m pissed about OB as much as the next guy.

With that being said, the amount of toxicity in this thread is just insane. #notmyelektronauts


Yeah, it has really come of the rails. I was and still am annoyed by the delay, but the box works and I’m making music with it. I used to be in the “we should be able to criticize Elektron without being swamped by pleas to sell our gear”-camp. But the amount of manic hatred in this thread has just turned me into an apologist. You do you, Elektron.


Even if Elektron never makes another version of overbridge again somebody will. There’s obviously a growing amount of capital being invested in electronic instruments/performance. My guess is plenty of other companies both established and unknown already have prototypes in place that pretty much repackage the elektrons design and workflow principles which aren’t proprietary. I mean if the Wright brothers crashed and burned in their first airplane do you think nobody would’ve succeeded?


could you imagine that all this toxity comes from people who understand that the small guy is been f.cked off in the meantime everywhere in buziness world.
it has become a race to get a hold of small guys money.
some people are especially pissed to see that this behave of business has arrived also on our small island we´re on here.
what you read here is not necessarily “only” OB related.
there is a bigger picture also stuck behind it
does that kind of view makes sense ?

to me it does.
its what makes me finally rant


Thank you for that information sir - what date is it now!!!


Same deal - sick and have moved on!


I’ve just noticed the same thing.

@Elektron please remove this, as it creates a false perception of the hardware.
I really like the DT and am not actually bothered about the release of Overbridge (perhaps I don’t fully realise it’s potential), however it has become common practice to download/ read the manual of a product before purchasing and given the delays experienced by the aforementioned software, perhaps it might be prudent to omit/ edit that part of the manual in order not to give prospective buyers false hope.


You are most welcome.
Today is the 4th of July.

Your Alexa Alternative.


Overbridge Beta, Happy Christmas!


Im sure its been answered before, will overbridge handle on DT/DN the audio in as seperate channels too?




sorry if this question is redundant… but do we know if it will be possible to reorganise the sample list on a project without loosing sample assignments? my list is a mess and I would love to be able to sort them out in a different order… maybe this is somehow already possible (although on a computer it would much easier)


I don’t know how the sample management will be with overbridge, but the samples in the DT have an internal hashtag, so if there is some way of reorganising them, they would retain their assignment. I think! :smiley:


yes I think so too, but I don’t want to take the risk… although I guess I could make a copy of the project and try.
still, not sure what would be the best way to do it - was there an easy option in the sample menu to move things arround to different sample slots?


no, it isn’t

yes, it’s always been possible and yes, the samples are connected with your project and these internal links will survive the rearrangement. I recently rearranged my whole +drive (800+ samples) and created dedicated folders for every project. Links wont survive if you delete the sample from your +drive tho so be careful.


well I don’t mean to rearrange them on the +Drive, but on the active project itself…
so I can have, for example, some sample chains on certain slots, etc.
what would be the best way to do this?