Digitakt Overbridge


well I don’t mean to rearrange them on the +Drive, but on the active project itself…
so I can have, for example, some sample chains on certain slots, etc.
what would be the best way to do this?


If you rearrange them in the project sample slots I would imagine it would have some type of effect on your patterns. While the sample can be moved, renamed, etc on the +drive because of the hash number, it seems in projects the sample slot number is the important part.


that sucks. oh well.
maybe Overbridge will offer a solution, not the biggest deal anyway


Even though better sample management is supposed to come with I’m not sure overbridge will help with this.

Sample slot number is a parameter that can be p-locked and modulated by the lfo. Knob movements through sample slots can also be live recorded. So samples being linked to the sample slot number is kind of a feature of how the digitakt works.


You’re right about that