Digitakt Overbridge


well I don’t mean to rearrange them on the +Drive, but on the active project itself…
so I can have, for example, some sample chains on certain slots, etc.
what would be the best way to do this?


If you rearrange them in the project sample slots I would imagine it would have some type of effect on your patterns. While the sample can be moved, renamed, etc on the +drive because of the hash number, it seems in projects the sample slot number is the important part.


that sucks. oh well.
maybe Overbridge will offer a solution, not the biggest deal anyway


Even though better sample management is supposed to come with I’m not sure overbridge will help with this.

Sample slot number is a parameter that can be p-locked and modulated by the lfo. Knob movements through sample slots can also be live recorded. So samples being linked to the sample slot number is kind of a feature of how the digitakt works.


You’re right about that


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I’m trying to comprehend the status of Overbride - Digitakt, and noticed your post. Like you, I’m seriously interested in Digitakt, but wonder if I should wait until Overbridge is either working or part of the package - assuming it will be bundled together. Your post was from last year. What is your view now? (if you don’t mind me asking!)


It looks like there is/going to be a way to sample via USB so that’s something.

If you scroll through your sample source, USB shows up.

So yeah! Pretty cool!


Thanks for the info!

You once said:
“If I can’t multi-track it into my DAW, it’s pretty much a toy(and an expensive one at that)”.
Are you able to do that now with digitakt? I’d like to be able to create “songs” some how!
I don’t want to only have a standalone sketch toy:)


Mac Beta just dropped today- so, it looks like his toy is growing up :slight_smile:


Thanks!..I’m guessing you mean the mac beta for overbridge. I’ll check it out to learn what you are referring to,


It’s closed beta, but SOON!


oh, ok, great!,…and thanks!


This will be the longest SOON ever hahaha


Well, not really.
That honour goes to ‘Half-Life 3’ (or ‘HL2 ep.3’) - the original soon™ :wink:


hahaha ok i’ll give you that one, since OB it’s actually going to happen (soon)


Kinda, but not really


Applications are now closed for the Beta, although I applied as soon as they opened, still not had an invite come my way… which is disappointing as both a PC and Mac user, owning an A4 and a Digitakt, I’m sure I could have provided some of the best feedback from both platforms. :confused:


Even Duke Nukem Forever came out, so you never know…


How dare you compare the two! :scream: :slight_smile:

And by all accounts, DNF wasn’t worth the wait :frowning: