Digitakt Overbridge


music seem not to be the focus of the people in the overbridge threads. They have their own little consumeristic agenda and a sticker on the box is good enough reason to bash the company and the incredible people working there


What Digitakt desperately needs is an AR style band reject filter. There’s no way to make even the most basic EQ:ing in the Digitakt. The BR filter would bring the Digitakt into a whole new level with cutting EQ possibilities. It would give an EQ:ing option for the users who wouldn’t necessarily want to use their computer too much in their productions. Ofcourse OB would make possible to mix individual tracks, but there’s so many producers who wants to mix their tracks with hardware. The BR filter would give us option for that.


I agree a BP filter would be a very welcome addition. You can however use resampling with a HP for instance and then use a LP on that new sample. It takes a bit more effort but I do this all the time to great effect.


This! Because Resampling is a breeze on the Digitakt, a missing EQ is not really an issue.

What we rather need are Sends for the Compressor! Delay/Reverb are Master Effects, they have Sends - the Compressor is a Master Effect and needs Sends too! I already wrote a Feature Request directly to Elektron. I hope they will address this one day.


So when did we end up in a situation where users expect endless new features in products we already own?


Sends to a compressor…great so now to compress things I have to not only setup my compressor, i also have to make sure things are being bussed to it. No thanks. Leave it as is.


Sidechaining is pretty pointless when the compressor sits on the master bus. I would much rather have sends - they could just default every track to send when you open a blank pattern, and then you could use it exactly as you have been doing.


When Novation decided to constantly update products we bought years ago and make them better with each update, haha.


Novation really is setting the bar high.
Adding class compliance to the Launchcontrol XL so it can be used with non-PC/Mac USB hosts, and of course the regular feature additions to the Circuit makes it the little box that could. And it’s not like these were products that sold for $999, either.


Forreal. I think I payed $330 for my Circuit when I got it, and it’s been worth every damn penny so far. I can’t wait for the synth micro steps so I can sequence wonky samples from my 404. The only thing I wish they would add to Circuit which I do not think is possible is unquantized live record like the DT has. Sometimes even the micro steps with swing are still too robotic. That and changing the midi structure; I have a bitch of a time trying to sequence anything with the Circuits drum racks.


This is exactly what i had in mind here! Sidechaining is a perfect Example where this would come in handy! Also, if you want to give just the Snaredrum or the Bassdrum a little edge to make them punchier, the Sends would really help. Most of the time you have full Multiband Compression / Limiting on the Master anyway, so one doesnt really need the Compressor for the classic task.

And: Since the Compressor is not affecting the Audio Input it isnt particularily useful in a Hub Situation anyway. I rather see it as a Tool for specific Tasks and therefore: Sends are mandatory!


Funny thing is, we don’t need to expect anything. Just open up the source and we will add new features. I must not be the only one with software engineering background who’d love to do it for free even.


It’s not going to happen, and no amount of magical thinking is ever going to change that.


This is true, I’m saying, people calling customers entitled who would be happy to work on the product for free is a bit of a strech. Look at Max4Live and the things they created. Ableton did not even have an LFO before v 10, programmers did several for free I’m using every day.


Providing an API to an embedded scripting environment isn’t remotely comparable to open-sourcing your core product.


Yeah dude tell me about it. it’s ridiculous how entitled people are nowadays. I work at a pizza shop which just opened and we are still trying to perfect our sauce so in the mean time we just don’t use any sauce and it’s ridiculous how many customers feel that they are entitled to a refund even though we are still planning on adding sauce capabilities to our pizza in the near future once we are happy with it.


dude, my advice. go to Naples for at least 3 Months and learn how to make good tomato sauce and pizza, trust me, there is no better place you can go for this. :smiley: and ask the old people. And the best thing, when you are back, chances are that Overbridge might be out.


Was browsing RedDogMusic site and thought to myself that they surely need to watch how they are selling the Digitakt. The circled statement makes it sound like Overbridge is a go go for the Digitakt.


even worse, this makes you believe you need to buy also an usb cable, which is false.


I emailed store dj in Australia to raise thier attention straight after superbooth, and informed them that overbridge was nowhere in sight in the near future, and copied them into the 2000 comments on the “status on overbridge” thread on Elktronaughts…thier site used to say “with Overbridge” next to digitakt and digitone etc…they removed the reference to Overbridge from all Elektron products within 12hrs…

Not because i wanted to get bitchy about Elektron, but because i didnt want store DJ to cop any backlash because they are a great store…they didn’t know about any delay in release and actually sent me a thank you…

I would say that alot of stores just copy and paste manufactures promotional materials and dont seriously investigate deeply into actual functionality…kind of like when you talk to a car salesman you quickly realise they probably have no idea about mechanics and most of them have never changed a spark plug.