Digitakt Overbridge


At the risk of opening Pandora’s box…
I am really looking forward to this!
I don’t expect a definite ETA though.

Would Elektron consider getting pre-orders for the premium version?
Just in case it would help fund its development.
I have read the ‘Mythical man-month’ though so not suggesting there is a magic solution to speed up development.

Digitakt + Overbridge = What When Who Where!
Requesting update on Overdrive
Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]
Digitakt warranty

So I know there’s still bugs to fix, features to implement. With that said, when can we expect to see some beta testing of Overbridge + Digitakt?

Additionally what features do we think are going to be available via overbridge? I’m expecting more then just tracking out if they are still going to be charging users for this?

Thoughts, opinions, hopes dreams?


Good question of when beta of Digitakt Overbridge (either Basic or Premium) will occur. I’m with you in being patient (and excited), Elektron does have a few things on their plate. As both Basic and Premium are promised in full release with an indefinite “Later this Year”, that probably also covers the timing for any beta on OB Digitakt. I would think the release of Basic will precede Premium by at least a month, but that’s only a guess on my part.

Features for Premium and Basic are listed on the Elektron Digitakt page, scroll down to the brownish tan colored section:

ADDED: Times change – of course Elektron has changed plans so there now is one Overbridge for everyone, and it’s free, and the ship date has been changed (and maybe will change again who knows!)


My hopes and dreams:

  • Stream the eight internal tracks to separate DAW tracks (24 bit/48 kHz)
  • Digitakt sequencer/DAW sync

Other bells and whistles are irrelevant if this isn’t stabile and working properly. The amount of expectations on OB is huge and people do dream up all kinds of features but at the end of the day it’s better to have a few core features working then lots of stuff that is half baked or “only” works in Ableton.


Dear Elektron,

Can you please give us ANY indication of when we can use Overdrive with Digitakt?



No doubt. I’m super excited about these 2 features. It will bring the DT to a new level for those wanting to work that way.


Anything??? :confused:


Something: “Later this year”


The manual says overbridge support will come with the implementation of digitakt 1.10 firmware. While not an exact timeline it is some kind of indicator when it’s coming. I would guess the are hoping to eliminate all hardware bugs by 1.10 before overbridge bringing the possibility of more bugs


I can’t wait to see what Elektron come up with regarding OB. Not a make/break kinda deal, but I wonder if DT’s sampling capabilities could lead to some extended OB functionality.

I’m pretty sold on the DT, I’m just waiting on OB to really move on it <3


sorry to bump this thread but… has there been any info regarding OSX version compatibility? wondering if it will work with OSX 10.9.5… since Analog Heat is useless on that OS


Still really want this before I can confidently move on getting a DT- I believe the sundae of my studio will be complete(minus an OP-1 cherry on top) with this- but I’m a lousy producer and I need the multitracking.

^-sorry for the bit of venting up there- I’m sure they’re working hard on getting it up and running. Lot of things to get together as it’s the first OB device that’s able to sample AND midi sequence(even via USB) so I’m sure there’s an element of precision that needs to be executed before it can be released. <3

I can’t wait, but have to <\3


Overbridge or no the Digitakt is worth it – imo. Don’t wait Ryan :heart_eyes: !

I’ve wondered what sort of problems the USB Hi-Speed interface Overbridge, new with the Heat, and to be implemented in the Digitakt and all the Mark IIs (-OT), versus the USB Full-Speed interface in all the other products is presenting for Elektron? The Hi-Speed (aka High Bandwidth) is 40x as fast as the Full-Speed interface.

Regardless it will be interesting to see what this change means for users of the Overbridge, and how Elektron may take advantage of the massive increase in speed.

Perhaps this will be another reason, now hidden to upgrade to the Mk IIs.
(I know this last sentence is outside of the topic, but even the OT Mk II is getting the USB speed bump, but since it will have no OB, what will be the benefits? – Faster audio transfer???)

ADDED LATER: It is faster, but a better perspective on this is the flip-side of speed: bandwidth! The ‘pipe’ is bigger so you can pump more through it. More channels.


If I can’t multi-track it into my DAW, it’s pretty much a toy(and an expensive one at that)

I wondered that for the OT as well. Perhaps it wasn’t worth saving the money on old-style USBs for a $1300 instrument? Perhaps midi over USB? Perhaps they’re not convinced the OTmk2 WON’T have OB(maybe they were inspired by @Rusty 's OE and want to work with him to develop it)?

Who knows?


or you could write all your stuff on it now and by the time you’ve a set or ep or whatever written OB should hopefully be out.

and on that note, I’m pretty much finished my new set & ep… plEase bring out OB sooooon :€


Checks email… no email :expressionless:


They must not know what they’re missing :frowning:


I’m hoping for NOverbridgeber


You hope for Novemberbridge? I bet it will be Overfebrurary :stuck_out_tongue: