Digitakt Overbridge


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He doesn’t work for Elektron but this guy does…


We’ll have more to work with at SoundBooth.

People have mentioned that they’ve rented a very large space at that event so that they have something big to announce there(God have mercy on them if they have another product announcement :smiley: )


Would be great to see a new product
A bigger and better Digitone mk2 would be good


In addition to the MKII machines Elektron released two new machines within a single year. Pushing out another one seems crazy to me.

But it would explain why they can’t deliver OB and long overdue bugfixes …

Do people really expect new machines every 6 months?


Love that it has a compact flash card so sweet best idea ever


Yeah I hope so


DN Mk2 would sell like hotcakes, as would DT mk2! I’d buy both, but only if OB is promised to work with them (at a later date of course)


That would indeed be an entertaining shitshow


Cmon it’s an Elektron.
People will still buy it.
Elektron could be called Teflon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A mk2 less than a half a year after the initial release?

As an Elektron fanboi- I couldn’t say if I would or not…


Yeah you couldn’t resist the forbidden fruits Ryan.
I remember how your latest profile pic came about :joy:


I tried switching it again today- no go

I’ve branded myself. An Elektron-Approved branding :smiley:


You;re welcome.



That’s pretty good :smiley:


No, but its easier to keep selling the new things than old things… Thats the unfortunate reality of audio or games or basically a lot of tech sectors like phones, computers etc.


Are we there yet Elektron?.. How about now?..



Haha, Astro-Smurf! Can’t believe they drugged the poor dude…


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I’m patient but that’s totally lame if they release a new machine before finishing these. Although there’s a good chance I’ll be like hot damn I want that.