Digitakt Overbridge


I would just go by what the manual says. When the Digitakt hits 1.10 and OB hits 1.20 we can expect it. I pretty much knew it wasn’t coming cause when I bought mine and read the manual 1.04 was still the current OS. It definitely sucks but at this point I just try to keep my mind off it. Hopefully they will make due with OB and it will meet at least our base expectations. If not then we should be really pissed.


As a compromise it would be fantastic if instead of offering the ability to load stereo samples, you could load your two monos and then ‘link’ two channels, so controlling the param of the master track does the same thing to the other. Could this work?


lets face it:
they gladly sell you another box !
next namm or so, haha


Leave the stereo stuff alone, you don’t need stereo samples, drum hits should be mono anyway. pads can be panned with lfo’s. Reverb and delay is stereo. After 6 one hour live sets I never had anyone come up and be like “Man your stereo image seems a bit off”. Digitakt is stereo af. Keep it on topic, where is an updated announcement on the status of Overbridge Elektron.


Funny enough I took a chord sample and made a small progression then used the track LFO set to panning, Depth at about 3 o’clock, and the multiplier to something ridiculous (like 2k) and it made it seem very wide and stereo. I’ve yet to check for phase issues but so far it seems pretty solid, especially coupled with the delay and reverb. I got the idea from the MCP from Tron. The way he spins around till he becomes a 'complete" image sparked the idea. But again I haven’t checked how this affects the phase so that’s something to keep in mind.


@Shem is right, let’s try to keep on topic please, ladies and gentlemen.


“Stay on Target” :slight_smile:


Stereo af.


Elektron. I love you but you are letting me down.
Please, give us an update on the current state of OB.


We’re working on it but we can’t say when it will be finished. The more patient you are the faster we will work. :slight_smile:


The question is, buy now or buy when it’s released and prices go up (or down)


I doubt they’ll change the price once overbridge is released?

The fact that they don’t have a release date has me thinking it’ll be at least June until we see this, but who knows.


Wow. You guys are still waiting for this?
It’s mind boggling that Elektron could have failed at delivering a project by such a huge margin.
Wonder if anyone in particular is responsible for this monumental stuff up, and if heads are rolling :thinking:



Shit no wonder it’s taken so long.
That’s a lotta heads.
There’d be no one left :joy:


May is more likely for a working Prototype. Since Musikmesse became irrelevant, Superbooth is the date to save for the companies now! :wink:




Yea I’m not really seeing accountability on their part


Even the best companies get their estimations sometimes completely wrong, especially when they get driven by past success and wrong management expectations like:

  • how hard can it be to support a few more devices?
  • how hard can it be to fix “minor” issues (latency/sync)?
  • well, lets triple the head count and get it done in 1/3 of the time
  • how hard can it be to rewrite just the driver?



The more patient we are the faster you’ll work ?

I hope you’re joking. I hope you’re working as fast as you can whatever the situation. Selling a product without a promised feature X is legally false advertising.

We are forced to be patient since we bought the Digitakt or others. And if you would really work as fast we are patient you would have finished it or worked more on a decent deadline communication.

PS: Sorry if I’m rude, I love your product, I work in IT and know it’s hard to plan a release, ect ect.