Digitakt Overbridge


I’m patient but that’s totally lame if they release a new machine before finishing these. Although there’s a good chance I’ll be like hot damn I want that.


@Simon speaking of Digitakt when will Overbridge be released?
And will Overbridge enable a stereo signal from the left and right inputs to pass through to a daw?

One would only assume at this stage of development these rudimentary questions would surely have a definitive answer :thinking:


i read somewhere on a youtube channel, either yesterday or the day before, that there was going to be some news about OB announced at Superbooth.

only a few more days to go before the show starts. Elektron have, according to more rumours, got a prime spot and big stage.

Can only guess that they have something big to share.

I do hope these rumours mean some positive news and a firm date for release of Overbridge 2.

I’ve been waiting 10 months for OB2 and it’s been 2 months since the ‘push back’ message from @Simon.

C’mon Elektron, show some balls and share some news.



Yep, gonna need a bridge to get over those… :joy:


Those are most likely rumors initiated from this forum- and are not any indication of a definitive statement from Elektron. The thought process: Hey Superbooth is coming up, and- what’s that? Elektron have a huge rented space?

That’s it.

It could mean 1 of 2 things:

-Elektron are going to unveil OB2

OR(and pay attention to this)

-It’s the 20 year anniversary of Elektrons start and they’re celebrating that.

To add to the dreaded feelings of doubt: Simon had originally stated they intended on releasing the compressor for the DT at the same time as OB2 and have opted to release the compressor by itself only a week ago, so…

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! :smiley: #SorryBud


i agree, Elektron will probably share just a lot air at Superbooth, but we can’t let them off the hook.

Elektron started the rumours themselves by announcing that OB2 would expand the features of
the Digitakt.

it’s been 2 months since there has been any news. i’m starting to think that they had no plan at all to develop or deliver OB for Digitakt.


That’s just your defeatism talking. They’re improving it- it surely wouldn’t have been TOO difficult to rehash the same OB for the analog mk1s, and given their expanded demographic it would be a lousy time to start letting down their customers(which they haven’t done yet)


how long is a reasonable time to wait?

the Digitakt was, and still is advertised as being Overbridge enabled. At the moment, the product i invested in is only delivering 70% of the features I paid for.

I bought the product last June. It was my first purchase of an elektron product. It was only when I went to download the software that I realised I had to wait for Overbridge for Digitakt to be launched. the estimated timeframe for this was before the end of 2017, then it was February and this timeframe passed. It’s now been two months since any word.

so, again. how long is it ok to wait?

a further question for you is, would you trust buying another Elektron product knowing that a percentage of the product won’t be delivered in the box, and you will have to wait for all the advertised features to be delivered, but you don’t know when, or if they will be delivered?

If you have any insight to share in the ‘overbridge development roadmap’, that could give me optimism, please do share.


Don’t stop believing- hold onto that feeling


it’s all we can do.

but we also shouldn’t stop asking the questions.

Elektron, care to comment!


20 years

I see thier booth towered by a 2 and a 0…to coincidentally mark the release of 2.0 right on thier 20 year anniversary…2.0 decades…

Sounds like marketing genious to me…


Just hold on. OB will be presented at SB. It would be silly of them to not do that despite all the clues and long time silence.


it will be so nice to be able to process the 8 tracks separately with whatever effects we want.


Unlikely. OB will come with the Digitakt version 1.10 as it was promised. Meaning at least one more OS update before that. So I count 2-3 months till OB based on pervious update times.


I said it’ll be presented. Release might come later.


How can it be presented?, its been known about for a long time, if its presentable for demo its releasable and since we just got a compresor that was supposed to come with overbridge the message seems pretty clear to me. Much more likely a new machine will be anounced.


“if it’s presentable for demo it’s releasable”
I hope you’re not serious. :exploding_head:


So you think they will show a non working overbridge or some pictures for people to coo about?, i doubt that would go down well.


That’s not how software releases work normally though :slight_smile: . Generally speaking: 1.0 is a (new) version. 0.1 is a major update, 0.01 is a minor update/bug fix etc. Software update can go from 1.05 to 1.10 . So it’s not just counting until you get there.

They could even be releasing a 1.095 if a hotfix of a huge bug is needed after OS1.09 drops. They could also release 1.10 tomorrow with OB if they so choose :wink: